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Valimail Phishing Analysis

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Get a detailed view of email attacks

With Valimail’s free, easy-to-implement phishing analysis, you get a detailed, actionable view of email attacks hitting your employee inboxes and damaging your brand. You also get full visibility into who’s sending an email using your organization’s domain. It’s the first step towards protecting your employees, customers, partners, and brand against advanced spoofing and BEC attacks — and it takes less than five minutes to configure.

Here’s what Valimail’s phishing analysis delivers:
  • Valimail will reveal all senders using your domain — including malicious impersonators, shadow IT services, and legitimate services
  • You’ll get detailed insights into unauthorized use of your domain, so you can take actionable steps towards stopping brand and executive spoofing
Inbound traffic analysis
  • Only Valimail can deliver a complete view of all inbound impersonation attacks 
  • See all suspicious lookalike domains, cousin domains, and ‘open-signup’ accounts that are hitting your employee inboxes
  • Unlike competing services, Valimail accurately identifies all third-party services sending email “from” your domain
  • Complete service-level visibility — by name —  of even the lowest-volume senders
  • Detailed reporting to help you control shadow IT and improve compliance across the organization
Top targets
  • Valimail will reveal which employees are being phished the most, and by whom
  • Assess your most targeted individuals (e.g. CFO, CEO) and your most vulnerable groups (e.g. Accounts Payable, Exec Admins)
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Getting started is fast and easy

Setting up your Valimail phishing analysis takes just 3 easy steps and can be done in less than five minutes. It has no impact on your DNS, causes no email downtime or interruption of email flow, and there is no risk of personal information or data leakage from our SOC 2 Type 2 and Privacy Shield-certified infrastructure.

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Make a single DNS change to send DMARC reports to Valimail (Note: you can continue sending DMARC reports to other recipients)
Connect your Office 365 / G Suite instance to Valimail (a one-click authorization)
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