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Why State and Local Governments Should Adopt DMARC

StateTech reporter Phil Goldstein penned this feature story on the need for state and local governments to implement DMARC, following the federal government's successful deployment. The story cites Valimail's research and quotes CEO Alexander García-Tobar extensively.
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80% of federal agencies now use DMARC

In his Codebook newsletter for Axios, Joe Uchill noted Valimail's finding that 80 percent of federal agencies now use DMARC to protect their domains, adding, "80% is actually a pretty substantial improvement from Valimail's last public statistic — when the deadline passed, only 57% of agencies met the DMARC requirement."
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The Cybersecurity 202

The Washington Post's Joseph Marks mentions that the federal government is ahead of other sectors in its implementation of the DMARC standard, citing data from Valimail, in his daily newsletter.
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Email authentication use growing steadily in every industry sector

OODA Loop noted Valimail's latest quarterly research report. "Adoption of standards like DMARC is also on the rise among major companies and in the health care sector," as well as the federal government.
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Inside Security, Feb 4th, 2019

David Strom's newsletter for the Inside network leads with coverage of Valimail research on the progress that the U.S. federal government is making in implementing email authentication using DMARC.
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Email authentication use growing steadily in every industry sector

U.S. federal government agencies and many major enterprises have made significant strides to thwart the spread of fake emails, a major cybersecurity attack vector, writes HelpNetSecurity, covering Valimail's latest quarterly research report.
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Why you need to use DMARC and SPF on mail servers to prevent phishing and fraud

"For nearly two decades, phishing has been a clear and present danger to businesses," writes James Sanders in TechRepublic. "Fortunately, the use of email authentication is growing across industries." Sanders's article cites figures from Valimail's Q4 Email Fraud Landscape and explains why DMARC (and SPF) matter.
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State officials to dig into election security this weekend

Tim Starks mentions research from Valimail's Q4 Email Fraud Landscape in Politico's "Morning Cybersecurity" newsletter. "Less than 30 percent of billion-dollar public companies secure their emails against impersonators" via DMARC, Starks noted, while pointing out the federal government's 80-percent deployment rate.

Report Finds Feds Tower Over Other Sectors In At Least One Cybersecurity Metric

Aaron Boyd, writing for Nextgov, cites Valimail research from our Q4 Email Fraud Landscape. He writes: "The federal government—so often derided for being behind the technical curve—is magnitudes ahead of every other sector in at least one domain: email authentication and security."

D-markable: Federal Government Leads In DMARC Protection, Study Finds

MediaPost's Ray Schulz, writing in his Email Insider column, cites figures from Valimail's Q4 Email Fraud Landscape, and quotes Alexander García-Tobar, CEO and co-founder of Valimail: “Fake emails — primarily email impersonation phishing attempts — continue to proliferate because, unfortunately, they work and are childishly easy to deploy."