Dmarc as a Service

What’s the easiest path to DMARC enforcement?

When it comes to protecting your domain against exact domain impersonation attacks and getting clear visibility into your email environment, DMARC at enforcement is the only solution. But you have a few options when it comes to achieving that status.

You can attempt to handle it internally or work with a partner. For an overview of what handling it internally looks like — even if you’re using a DMARC analysis tool — check out the infographic below. It’s a lengthy, multi-step process that takes many companies a year or more to complete (if they get there at all).

Here at Valimail, we take a different approach to tackling the phishing problem, and the results speak for themselves: 100% client retention, patented automation, guaranteed enforcement, and award-winning solutions and customer success, just to name a few.

In a comparison between our process and the traditional approach, the results are clear:

  • Valimail takes less time to achieve enforcement
  • Valimail requires less work from your internal teams
  • Valimail eliminates the risk associated with DMARC projects

You can view the head-to-head comparison in the infographic below.

Infographic describing the many steps to DMARC enforcement