ValiMail is a fast-growing company founded around a simple yet powerful idea: to return trust to the world’s email. The identity of most email senders remains unverified today, leaving criminals the opportunity to exploit this weakness by pretending to be people they are not.

This practice, called phishing or spear phishing, has resulted in more than 22,000 Business Email Compromise (BEC) incidents since January 2015, for a total loss of $3.1 billion.

Built on open standards, ValiMail Pro™ makes it easy for companies of all sizes to protect their domain names from this kind of impersonation attack. Our one-click, simple interface gives you email protection using the DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) industry standard without the laborious and error-prone editing of DNS records.

Our seasoned team includes experts with extensive experience in email, online security, SaaS, digital keys, DNS, network infrastructure, and more.


Alexander García Tobar

Alexander García-Tobar
CEO and Co-founder

A serial entrepreneur and global executive, Alexander has been CEO at two previous firms and has run global sales teams for three companies that went IPO. He held analyst and executive positions at leading research companies such as The Boston Consulting Group and Forrester Research along with Silicon Valley startups such as ValiCert, Sygate, and SyncTV.

Peter Goldstein

Peter Goldstein
CTO and Co-founder

Peter is an MIT and Stanford trained technologist who has worked in a variety of software verticals including security, enterprise, email, and video. He has built products and teams at a number of large technology companies such as RSA Security and Perot Systems, as well as at small startups like Tout, Securant, and Swapt.

Steve Whittle

Steve Whittle
Head of Customer Success

Steve’s technical sales and product management experience at Nominum, Infoblox, Intelliden, and Nortel Networks brings authoritative DNS and infrastructure background to the ValiMail team. Steve’s team works with our prospects and clients to ensure attentive and highly technical pre- and post-sales support.

Dan Weinand

Dan Weinand
Head of Development

For over a decade, Dan has architected software and built systems for everything from Fortune 100 companies to venture-backed startups. Dan’s mandate is to deliver software that meets the company’s high standards for quality, security, and performance.

Beverly Van Dyke

Beverly van Dyke
HR and Finance Manager

A veteran accountant and HR specialist, Beverly has worked with ValiMail’s core team at two previous companies, ensuring the books are in order and HR runs smoothly.