ValiMail Pro™ makes it easy to configure and maintain your DNS records for DMARC, SPF, and DKIM – with no need ever to go back into your DNS. It automatically discovers new services using your domain names and offers one-click enablement of approved senders.

Any service sending email using your domain names will appear in the ValiMail dashboard, where you can easily approve or deny it for sending. You can change the status of existing services at any time, with the ability to maintain separate service lists for each domain you manage.

ValiMail’s cloud service gives you error free, 1-click maintenance of DMARC, SPF, and DKIM records based on the decisions you make in the intuitive ValiMail console. Just make your configuration choices, and the service takes it from there. No more editing DNS records.

Additional controls available in the ValiMail console include:

  • Update policies between reject, quarantine, and monitoring mode for each domain name in the system
  • Create or edit comments on DKIM keys, netblocks, and custom directives to ease future management for yourself and the larger team
  • Configure DMARC reporting options
  • Add, manage and remove users for the ValiMail console along with permission levels
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