Valimail is offering a Free Trial to all government agencies which will include implementing a DMARC record before the deadline.

To protect citizens against email impersonation fraud and to stop scammers from impersonating government agencies via email, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently directed all federal agencies to implement DMARC within 90 days (by January 15, 2018) and to get to a policy of enforcement within 12 months.

Valimail offers the only fully automated DMARC solution that guarantees your agency can achieve compliance with DHS mandates and deadlines. Alternative approaches to DMARC enforcement are manually intensive, expensive, time consuming, and difficult to maintain. With Valimail, we do all the heavy lifting in a quick, cost effective manner.

Request your free trial today by filling out the form - we’ll get you to immediate compliance and stop phishing attacks. A Valimail DMARC expert will put you on the path to protecting your organization against email fraud easily and painlessly with guaranteed DMARC enforcement.