Complimentary support: Valimail Monitor

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Terms for complimentary support with Valimail Monitor include:

  • Assistance with DNS configuration, running reports, and managing users.
  • Filing support requests online – typically 24 business hour response time.
  • Online access to documentation, knowledge base articles, discussion forums and other technical resources.

Valimail strongly recommends that you take advantage of Valimail’s online knowledge base, documentation and discussion forums.

If you cannot find an answer to your support issue, you can file a support request with Valimail Support. Support requests can be emailed to

To receive access to complimentary support, you must be listed as an owner on a Monitor account and provide the email address associated with your account. Registration occurs automatically if you signed up for Monitor via the Monitor for Microsoft Office365 online form.

Complimentary support for Valimail Monitor