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Feds Progress on DMARC Anti-Spoofing and -Phishing Deployment

MeriTalk cites our data: "Email security vendor Valimail additionally reported that 54.7 percent of Federal domains had a working DMARC record as of the deadline. However, out of the 706 Federal domains with a DMARC record, only 12 percent have achieved the final phase of deployment and started to enforce new security policies."

Valimail Offers Email Authentication Tool On SendGrid Marketplace

Ray Schultz reports on Valimail's partnership with SendGrid, quoting our CMO, Mandeep Khera, on the rapid growth in DMARC: “Growth has been propelled by the clear value DMARC provides, as well as the FTC’s recent recommendation that businesses use DMARC, and by the DHS mandate that federal agencies deploy DMARC in 2018.”

What is DMARC and Why Does It Matter to You?

Hearst Bay Area, publishers of the SF Chronicle and SFGate, published this post on their marketing blog, which cites Valimail's data both indirectly (linking to InfoSecurity Magazine's coverage of our 2017 Email Fraud Landscape Report) and directly: "77% of domains that have a DMARC policy might not be adequately protected due to issues with configuration, … Continued

Valimail Announces Availability of Automated Email Authentication Solution on SendGrid Partner Marketplace

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SAN FRANCISCO — Valimail, the world's only provider of fully automated email authentication, announced today the availability of its email authentication solution on the SendGrid Partner Marketplace. Valimail’s solution provides customers with ironclad email fraud prevention, blocks the most pernicious phishing attacks, builds customer trust and increases email deliverability. Email authentication through … Continued

How Valimail's "Sales Lab" Drives An Operationalized Sales Approach

Costello, makers of a tool used by Valimail's sales team, wrote this piece about our director of operations, Christopher Dailey, and how he his approach has helped increase sales close rates by 94%.

Congressional budget skirmishes won’t halt cyber issues

Federal Times cites Valimail's data on DMARC adoption among federal agencies in its daily brief.

Federal Email Authentication Deployment Has More Than Doubled Since DHS Order. What’s Next?

Federal agencies are off to an extremely promising start deploying an anti-spoofing email tool but they still have work to do, writes Valimail's Alexander García-Tobar in this op-ed for NextGov. The next step: Getting to enforcement.

Nearly half of federal agencies miss DHS email security deadline

Fifth Domain, a publication focused on cyberwar, noted the U.S. government's progress in implementing DMARC, citing Valimail research. Reporter Jessie Bur quotes our blog, saying: "The federal government now has a higher rate of DMARC deployment than almost any commercial sector we’ve looked at."

Majority Of Federal Agencies Still Vulnerable To Impersonation Attacks

Reporter Jess Nelson reports on additional data from Valimail regarding the federal government's DMARC progress. Her article includes a chart Valimail created showing the government's progress from October 2017 through January 16, 2018.

45 Percent of Federal Email Domains Miss Security Deadline

Joseph Marks reports on the federal government's progress in implementing DMARC, making extensive use of data provided by Valimail.