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Why Password Management and Security Strategies Fall Short

This piece by Dark Reading's Steve Zurier quotes Valimail on how relying on end-user training is not a sufficient cybersecurity defense strategy. "Valimail recommends a more balanced approach that includes training, email authentication, deploying secure email gateways, and making sure spam filters are current."
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That time it was illegal to fix your own electronics ... for almost 20 years

Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood mentioned Valimail's election-phishing research, writing: "It is election day, so expect the misinformation machines to get turned up to 11."
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The status of, and threats against, midterm election security

"Presented with screenshots of 11 emails, Americans could only identify fakes correctly about half the time, according to a study by Valimail released late last week," Tim Starks wrote in Politico's Morning Cybersecurity newsletter, also quoting Valimail CEO Alexander García-Tobar.

Voters Are Suckers For Fake Political Emails: Study

"Americans remain a gullible lot when it comes to discerning whether they are reading fake political emails," Ray Schultz writes, in Email Marketing Daily, covering the results of Valimail's election phishing survey.
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The Daily Briefing

Cyberwire's daily newsletter mentions Valimail's research on the vulnerability of American citizens to phishing emails that impersonate political candidates.

Report: Majority of Americans Unable to Discern Fake Election Emails

Valimail, the only FedRAMP-authorized provider of email authentication, released a new report indicating that the majority of Americans are unable to consistently differentiate fake email messages from legitimate ones.

Valimail Joins the Board of the Messaging, Malware, and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG)

Valimail, the world's only provider of fully automated email authentication, announced today that the company has been named to the board of the Messaging, Malware, and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG).
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The Need For Trust And Authentication In Email: A History

In Part 3 of this "Their Story" podcast, Valimail's Alexander Garcia-Tobar chats with ITSPmagazine's John Dasher about some of the challenges organizations face as they make a move toward a world of email authentication along with some tips for how they can make forward progress against those challenges. logo

Your Email Accounts Are Vulnerable to Fraud cites Valimail's research in a story focused on phishing and email-based fraud, writing that Valimail "found that there is 'an estimated 6.4 billion fake emails sent worldwide every day,' and that more fake emails are sent from the US than from any other country on Earth."
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Cyberwire: The daily briefing

Cyberwire's daily briefing for October 18 includes a mention of Valimail's recent announcement that 100% its federal customers met the BOD 18-01 deadline.