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Valimail Named as One of the Best Places to Work

The Business Intelligence Group has awarded Valimail a Best Places to Work award. The organization’s award recognizes “companies that are actively working to improve their own performance through efforts to challenge employees in environments that make work fun and engaging.”
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Term Sheet -- Tuesday, May 22

Valimail, a San Francisco-based provider of email authentication services, raised $25 million in Series B funding.
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Email Security Provider Valimail Snags $25 Million Series B

The WSJ covered Valimail's $25M funding round in its WSJ Pro section (subscription required).
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Valimail raises $25M in additional funding for its email authentication service

Frederic Lardinois wrote this feature on Valimail's funding, noting: "Valimail helps businesses ensure that nobody can impersonate them over email. That’s not a sexy business to be in, but very much a necessary one."
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Valimail raises $25 million for email authentication platform that curbs phishing attacks

Paul Sawers wrote an in-depth story on our Series B funding news, explaining why email authentication matters: "Despite rumors to the contrary, the age-old communication conduit known as email remains in rude health. ... However, phishing scams have led to a number of high-profile data breaches in recent years, affecting myriad big names such as Snapchat and DocuSign."
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Valimail Accelerates its Mission to Authenticate the World’s Communications with $25 Million Funding Round

Valimail, the world's leader in automating email authentication, announced it has raised a $25 million round of funding to accelerate its global growth and expand its portfolio of trust-based anti-impersonation services. Valimail provides the only automated email trust platform.

Health Firms Vulnerable To Spoofing Attacks: Study

Ray Schultz writes: "Most health organizations are vulnerable to spoofing of their email domains, according to a study released on Friday by Valimail."
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Study: Global Health Care Companies Face a Common Foe: Fake Email

Valimail, the world's leader in automating email authentication, today released an original research report on the email authentication preparedness of the global health care industry. Valimail found that the overwhelming majority of large health organizations are susceptible to "spoofing" of their own email domains, also known as impersonation attacks, which are a leading vector for … Continued
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Despite email attacks, healthcare still not using DMARC to protect against spoofing

Bill Siwicki wrote a feature based on our health care industry data, with a detailed explanation of the risks of phishing to health organizations. "The Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance standard can help hospitals protect against ransomware and phishing," he wrote.
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EFail Vulnerability Underscores Need For Email Encryption

In this CMSwire story about the #EFail vulnerability, Valimail CEO Alexander García-Tobar explains how encryption needs to be coupled with authentication. "Encryption can make email more private and secure, but only if those using it are confident about the identity of the person or company on the other end," author David Roe writes.