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The biggest phishing attacks of 2018 and how companies can prevent them in 2019

TechRepublic's Scott Matteson interviewed Alexander García-Tobar, the CEO and co-founder of Valimail, to find out more about phishing and how organizations can prevent it. The resulting Q&A is an excellent overview of the state of phishing and BEC today, why BEC continues to grow as a cyberattack vector, and what companies can do to prevent it.

Research: Marketing Executives Underestimate Email-Based Brand Risks

Valimail, the world's only provider of fully automated DMARC email authentication, announced the availability of a report by the Ponemon Institute that reveals how marketing professionals think about email-based brand threats.
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Missing the (D)MARC

Politico's "Morning Cybersecurity" newsletter devotes a section to Valimail's recently released research report on the state of email authentication among state and local governments in the U.S. "It may take a requirement like that imposed by DHS on federal agencies to inspire their state and local counterparts to action, but to quote Valimail’s report: 'It … Continued

Five Percent of U.S. State and Local Domains Join Battle Against Domain Impersonation

Valimail, the world's only FedRAMP-authorized provider of DMARC email authentication, released data today showing that 5 percent of state and local government domains are taking initial steps to protect themselves against phishing and email fraud through email authentication.
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Gone phishing: It’s Black Friday, let’s talk about cybersecurity

VentureBeat writer Paul Sawers' roundup of holiday cybersecurity threats includes a mention of Valimail and its May 2018 Series B funding round.
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The Daily Briefing

Cyberwire's newsletter summarizes data collected by Valimail during the week of Thanksgiving in 2017, which showed "a dramatic rise in the number of fake emails sent that week."

Fake Emails Expected To Surge This Week

"Thanksgiving week may be one of the biggest shopping periods of the year. But it is also one of the busiest periods for scam emails, judging by last year’s activity, according to Valimail." Ray Schultz cites Valimail data on the 2017 surge in fake email.

Email Authentication: Interview with Alexander García-Tobar of Valimail

TAG Cyber CEO and founder Edward Amoroso interviews Valimail's CEO and co-founder in this article, discussing the top threats to modern email and how email authentication can help.

Last-Minute Shopping: Tips For The Holiday Emails About To Go Out

MediaPost's Ray Schultz mentions Valimail's involvement as the group behind BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) an email standard that puts company logos next to incoming messages that pass authentication.

Why Password Management and Security Strategies Fall Short

This piece by Dark Reading's Steve Zurier quotes Valimail on how relying on end-user training is not a sufficient cybersecurity defense strategy. "Valimail recommends a more balanced approach that includes training, email authentication, deploying secure email gateways, and making sure spam filters are current."