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Trump, DNC, RNC Flunk Email Security Test

In the wake of highly publicized hacks of Democratic political bodies, Brian Krebs exposes that the DNC, RNC, and Trump campaign all fail to protect their email from spoofing.

Majority of Top Web Sites Vulnerable to Email Spoofing

This article on the status of DMARC deployment points to Valimail’s DMARC status checker to determine deployment on popular websites. Announces Supporter Program

Valimail joins

FBI Says Corporate Email ‘Impersonation’ Scams Growing

Valimail CEO Alexander Garcia-Tobar explains how Business Email Compromise works, why its growth is so explosive, and what companies can do to stop it.

Uber's Phishing Tale Can Teach Banks a Lot About Security

How Uber used DMARC email authentication to fight back against phishing.

How Valimail Could Have Protected The Milwaukee Bucks

MediaPost’s EmailMarketing Daily describes recent attacks, including the loss of employees’ W-2 records by the Milwaukee Bucks, and explains how automated DMARC from Valimail could have prevented them.

Email authentication startup Valimail comes out of stealth with $1.5 million

VentureBeat introduces Valimail to the world.

DMARC Continues To Confound Users, Report Says

Almost three-quarters of those who deploy email authentication standard fail to get its full benefits, Valimail says.