You are providing large numbers of SMBs with an effective and trusted cloud platform. Extend your cloud services to secure their brands, business, and email quickly and cost-effectively.

Partnering with ValiMail can expand your service offerings to help clients solve this significant problem. Offering Email Authentication as a Service™ provides you with a new differentiator to win customers in a competitive market.

Protect your clients’ brands and business

  • Eliminate email-based attacks on your clients’ consumers
  • Provide brand protection
  • Stop all unauthorized email use of your clients’ domains
  • Increase consumers’ trust in your clients’ brands and emails

Display Your Leadership in Security

In today’s world of increasingly visible cybercriminal activity, you have the opportunity to take a leadership position with your clients. Email authentication represents a new, exciting opportunity to protect your customers’ brands, business, and email with an automated cloud service that requires no software installation nor end user training.

Lower Support Costs

Email based attacks against your clients turn into support tasks for you. Each attack requires activity from your service team, and email attacks are notoriously hard to track down.

By eliminating the ability for criminals to impersonate your customers’ domain names, you remove a significant attack vector, providing your customers with a better, safer environment while reducing their service needs.

Create a New Revenue Stream

Cyberattacks are on the rise, and SMBs are becoming increasingly aware of this fact. Many of these businesses are investing in building their trusted brands online, and for a relatively low monthly cost they can improve this trust in a meaningful way.

By offering an email authentication service, you can provide these customers with secure, proven, standards-based email security and create new, recurring revenue streams.