Clients have chosen to register their domains with and entrust their DNS to you. Now you can extend your service to secure their brands, business, and email quickly and cost-effectively.

In today’s digital world, your client’s’ domains are extensions of their brands. Criminals use phishing attacks to leverage those hard-earned brands in order to trick consumers into opening up malicious email. That results in direct damage your clients’ brands, consumer trust, and ability to conduct business.

Partnering with ValiMail can expand your service offerings to help clients solve this significant problem. Offering Email Authentication as a Service™ provides you with a new differentiator to win customers in a competitive market.

Protect Your Clients’ Brands and Business

  • Eliminate email-based attacks on your clients’ consumers
  • Stop all unauthorized email use of your clients’ domains
  • Increase consumers’ trust in your clients’ brands and emails

A Compelling Reason for “Cousin Domain” Purchases

Email authentication provides a compelling reason to purchase typo and cousin domains. The ValiMail service can stop unauthorized emails using both the main and typo domains. Clients wishing to protect their brands online are motivated to purchase additional cousin domains to do so.

A Natural Extension to Your DNS & Domain Services

Email Authentication as a Service from ValiMail is based on DNS and requires a small (fully automatable) DNS text record addition. That makes the ValiMail solution a natural extension of the services you already offer.

In particular, DNS security exists in part to protect your clients’ domains. You can now extend DNS-based email protection to their domains as well.

Create a New Revenue Stream

Cyberattacks are on the rise, and SMBs are becoming increasingly aware of this fact. Many of these businesses are investing in building their trusted brands online, and for a relatively low monthly cost they can improve this trust in a meaningful way.

By offering an email authentication service, you can better service these customers and create a new, recurring revenue stream.