Your clients have chosen your company to provide them with world-class email solutions. The ValiMail Pro™ email authentication service can help you provide a best-of-breed service, lower costs, and increase your revenue by streamlining onboarding and offering a secure solution to your customer base.

Offering easy, cloud-based email authentication provides a chance to show your leadership in DMARC, email best practices, and security. It helps deliverability and gives you a new differentiator in a competitive market. Auto-configured onboarding and proper authentication present additional compelling reasons to select your premium Email Solution Services over others. Our patent-pending Targeted SPF™ eliminates the 10-lookup limit, while our Distributed DKIM (DDKIM™) enables you to securely store and rotate keys in an automated way.

Reduce Onboarding Costs

  • Automatically configure SPF, DKIM, and even DMARC
  • Eliminate the dreaded SPF 10-lookup limit
  • Securely manage and rotate DKIM keys
  • Create error-free records every time
  • Lower the complexity of onboarding clients
  • Decrease ongoing support costs through continued auto-configuration of records

Protect Your Clients’ Brands and Business

The ValiMail service eliminates email-based impersonation attacks against your clients’ consumers and stops all unauthorized email sent using their domain names. In so doing, ValiMail provides your clients with greater security against spear phishing and Business Email Compromise and protects their online brands against the damage accompanying phishing activity.

A Natural Extension to Your Email Solution Services

Providing automated, error-free email authentication complements your existing offerings and contributes to your mission to provide trusted email communications. By offering fully-function DMARC and keeping it current over time, you extend your reputation among clients as their email experts.

And of course, correctly configured DMARC, SPF, and DKIM are email best practices, providing security, visibility, control, and increased deliverability that are otherwise impossible.

Create a New Revenue Stream

Cyberattacks are on the rise, and SMBs are becoming increasingly aware of this fact. Many of these businesses are investing in building their trusted brands online, and for a relatively low monthly cost they can improve this trust in a meaningful way.

By offering an email authentication service, you can service these customers in a better way and create a new, recurring revenue stream.