The ever-changing world of IT security has seen the emergence of major new threats in the form of spear phishing and the Business Email Compromise (BEC). The FBI reports that BEC attacks have increased 1300% between January 2015 and June 2016, during which time 22,000 businesses lost $3.1 billion to this attack.

In 2016 alone these attacks have led to executive firings, class action lawsuits, scores of mandatory breach notifications, and the loss of countless employees’ PII. Spear phishing, W-2 theft, whaling, and BEC are all over the security and mainstream press. The fact is that email authentication is one of the hottest security spaces right now.

By partnering with ValiMail you can offer your customers a revolutionary new approach to email security with no software to install, and no end user training. ValiMail Pro™ provides email authentication through automated and error-free DMARC, SPF, and DKIM configuration, monitoring, and maintenance. All of it automated, global, and 100% cloud-based.

Add a New Vector to Threat Intelligence

With phishing playing a role in most major security breaches today, understanding the landscape of senders attempting to use an enterprise’s domain names for email is an indispensable part of building a complete, 360-degree view of the threat landscape.

The ValiMail service outputs this information automatically, accurately, and authoritatively. Add DMARC reports to your data set, increasing their effectiveness and scope.

Improved Key Management

An essential part of email authentication, DKIM keys are notoriously hard for businesses to maintain in a secure and reliable way. The patent-pending ValiMail service provides security professionals with an easy and intuitive interface for tracking and ensuring trustworthiness for DKIM keys. As such, it is a good complement to PKI, digital certificate, and encryption businesses.

A Natural Extension to Your Business

As a provider of security solutions you have built a business model by connecting with security decision makers and providing the services that solve their most pressing needs. You now can easily extend your services to include cutting edge email security by adding ValiMail’s email authentication cloud service to your set of security offerings and create a new, recurring revenue stream.

Already providing email security? ValiMail’s auto configuration and maintenance can streamline and augment your current offerings, enhancing your existing solutions.