A Next-Generation Platform

The Valimail Identity-Driven Email Anti-impersonation (IDEA) platform is the foundation for all Valimail’s fraud-fighting email services. As part of a layered email security approach, Valimail's IDEA platform closes the gap left by security approaches based on content filtering — which are ineffective against impersonation-based fraudulent email. Working together, the components of the IDEA Platform provide comprehensive, fully automated protection and give domain owners the ability to:

  • Achieve DMARC enforcement — guaranteed.
  • Know and control which services are sending emails with industry-leading visibility
  • Protect employees’ inboxes from friendly-from and lookalike-domain attacks
  • Identify and mitigate domain-impersonation, BEC, and phishing threats in real time   
  • Maintain continuous DMARC enforcement with minimal employee intervention, thanks to Valimail’s fully automated cloud-services discovery and patented 1-click authorization
Valimail IDEA Platform

The Trust Layer™

Valimail Is fully integrated with Microsoft, Symantec, and other enterprise SEGs to create a complete, layered email security ecosystem.

Valimail incorporates a revolutionary, authoritative, identity-focused approach — in stark contrast to systems that use fuzzy AI/ML logic to “guess” at the validity of each message. By establishing an automated global whitelist of which services should be sending emails using your domain, Valimail provides a highly accurate, instant, and automated Trust Layer to protect your company both inside and outside.

Combining that knowledge with our patented automated services discovery and domain reconciliation technology means that you can not only achieve DMARC enforcement faster — a median of 100 days among our customers — but can easily remain there, even as third-party mail-sending services change. No blacklists, manual domain lookups, or access to PII/PHI is required.  

Customers are able to implement and maintain Valimail’s products using less than 0.2 FTEs while eliminating the high rate of false positives associated with other approaches.

Either alone or placed in front of an existing SEG, Valimail creates a Trust Layer — an email identity authentication layer that eliminates exact-domain attacks from ever reaching partners and customers, as well as protecting employees from exact-domain fraud, lookalike domain impersonations, and friendly-from spoofing.

Valimail’s IDEA platform offers:

  • A robust, distributed AWS infrastructure, with multiple points of presence in the U.S., EMEA, and Asia.
  • Four and a half nines (99.995%) of availability
  • Privacy Shield certification and SOC-2 Level 2 compliance
  • FedRAMP Authorization for U.S. government agencies

Valimail IDEA Platform components

Valimail Service Identifier

The Valimail Service Identifier automatically catalogs and identifies hundreds of third-party services and is the only technology on the market that reliably discovers and correctly identifies not only big, well-known email senders but also the smaller SaaS apps that are more difficult to identify.

Valimail Enforcement Controller

The Valimail Enforcement Controller allows domain owners to define the list of third-party services and internal systems that can send email on their behalf and ensures that email from all other sources is blocked. Configuration information for every service is updated dynamically, so users don’t need to know configuration details, and authorized services are always authenticated.

Valimail Authenticator

The Valimail Authenticator answers authentication requests from mail receivers/MTAs in real time and is responsible for implementing the domain owner's authentication policy as defined in the Enforcement Controller. The Valimail Authenticator includes Valimail's patented InstantSPF™ technology, which fixes the SPF ten-domain lookup limit, allowing organizations to authenticate an unlimited number of services while propagating changes to email sender configurations instantly.

Valimail Analytics Service

The Valimail Analytics Service provides a comprehensive view of your email ecosystem with the ability to deep dive into specific areas of interest. In addition to producing historical data, the Valimail Analytics Service can provide notifications and alerts based on observed real-time ecosystem activity.

Valimail Threat Intelligence

Valimail Threat Intelligence analyzes millions of DMARC aggregate reports, including billions of email authentication queries, and aggregate receiver data, to give customers actionable threat intelligence for takedowns and for integration with other customer systems (e.g. a SIEM).