The Platform

The Valimail Anti-impersonation platform is comprised of three core components that together help organizations through a two-step process of accomplishing email authentication -- monitoring followed by enforcement. Customers access the platform through Valimail Enforcement Manager, where they can configure domains and view reports on activity in their email ecosystem.

The heart of the platform is our patented Service Identifier, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to map the email infrastructure of thousands of third-party email senders. The Valimail Authenticator, including our patented Dynamic SPF Engine, answers every authentication request on behalf of the domain owner in real-time.

How Do You Manage Your Email Ecosystem?

Enforcement Manager

Valimail’s Enforcement Manager gives customers the ability to manage their infrastructure with an easy-to-use executive dashboard and management console. For example, users can enable and disable third-party emailing services in their ecosystem with a single click. With Enforcement Manager, what used to take months or even years, is now so simple that customers who focus highly specialized, senior email infrastructure engineers on email authentication initiatives can free those resources and manage DMARC from their service desk. DMARC authentication is no longer a manual configuration and IP mapping exercise, and with Valimail no special DNS or email authentication expertise is required.

From Enforcement Manager, customers gain a full picture of all source IPs for third party services that send emails using the domain name. Customers use Enforcement Manager to perform thorough discovery of all activity in their email ecosystem, gaining visibility into legitimate as well as suspicious sources of email. Valimail Enforcement Manager stays on top of anyone trying to use the domain name, but unlike all other solutions, Valimail doesn’t use DMARC failure reports and thus prevents your organization from being exposed to potential leaks of PII (Personally Identifiable Information). Unlike alternative email security solutions that rely on failure reports from receivers, exposing you to more security risk, Valimail only uses DMARC aggregate reports, which contain no PII. As such, the Valimail solution provides the security of email authentication without ever seeing the contents of a message.

Automatically Identify All Third Party Senders

Service Identifier

Valimail’s Service Identifier powers sender configuration in the Enforcement Manager by automatically identifying all email-sending cloud services that send emails on your organization’s behalf. This identification is a critical step towards getting your company to DMARC enforcement, and most CIOs and CISOs are surprised to discover how many unsanctioned senders have sprung up through shadow IT sprawl. Without Service Identifier, IT personnel have to parse thousands of rows of data in flat-file XML reports to identify the IPs sending in their domain’s name, and then perform un-ending detective work to map IPs to services. IT is forced to play a guessing game of whack-a-mole to keep up with the task of identifying IP addresses and map them to a constantly changing set of sending services.

Unlike alternatives in the market that are only capable of identifying the most obvious sources of legitimate third-party email (big SaaS emailers like Salesforce and Oracle), Valimail’s Service Identifier tracks thousands of email-sending services. In order to provide true visibility, it’s necessary to identify all sources of email traffic, including many important but less well known and low-volume internal workflow systems such as Zapproved, Effacts, and others.

Authenticate Every Email in Real-time


The Authenticator is Valimail’s real-time authentication response technology. Only Valimail's Authenticator answers each authentication request in real-time and on enterprise-grade infrastructure. Valimail is the only company in the email authentication space with the patented technology to fix the SPF ten lookup limit, a common hurdle to most organizations trying to achieve DMARC enforcement. We are the only solutions provider with a DNS-level authentication mechanism that automatically answers authentication requests from receivers with a perfectly-formed, real-time SPF record. For organizations that have pointed their SPF, DKIM, and DMARC to the Valimail Cloud, the Authenticator answers in milliseconds.