The Valimail Trust Layer™

Comprehensive, cloud-based, identity-based anti-phishing platform

The Valimail Trust Layer is an identity-driven, authoritative foundation for stopping inbound and outbound phishing and business email compromise (BEC) attacks. Featuring patented technology combined with the largest clearinghouse of trusted mailing domains in the industry, the Valimail Trust Layer delivers real-time email authentication and authorization.

The Valimail Trust Layer solves three of the most complex IT and cybersecurity challenges without requiring staff time:

Secure domains
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Secure inboxes
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Secure + amplify brand reputation
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Focus on “who” sent the email

As part of a layered email security approach, Valimail’s Trust Layer closes the gap left by content-centric security approaches — which focus on what email messages contain, not on who sent them. As a result, these traditional approaches are ineffective against impersonation-based email attacks. By focusing on sender identification and authentication, the Valimail Trust Layer delivers fully automated protection against both inbound and outbound phishing and BEC attacks.

The Trust Layer

Valimail is fully integrated with Microsoft, Symantec, and other enterprise secure email gateways (SEGs) to create a complete, layered email security ecosystem. Valimail also offers API integration with leading security information and event managers (SIEMs) such as Splunk.


Valimail incorporates a revolutionary, authoritative, identity-focused approach. Leveraging open standards like DMARC, SPF, DKIM, ARC, BIMI, and others, Valimail identifies and blocks phish and BEC emails faster and with greater accuracy than systems that use fuzzy AI/ML logic.


The Trust Layer authenticates and authorizes millions of emails in real-time. It’s built on a fully distributed AWS infrastructure, with multiple points of presence in the U.S., EMEA, and Asia. Valimail offers 99.995% availability, Privacy Shield certification, and SOC-2 Level 2 compliance, and FedRAMP Authorization for U.S. government agencies.

Truly automated

The Valimail Trust Layer requires minimal resources to set up and maintain. It automatically recognizes cloud services sending email on your domain or to employee inboxes, maintaining a dynamic collection of those domains you authorize.

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