Valimail Amplify

Amplify your brand with authenticated logos on every email

Amplify example Yelp brand logos

Massively increased brand impressions. Dramatically improved open rates.

Valimail Amplify is the only fully automated cloud offering that supports BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification), Microsoft Business Profile, and similar brand authentication standards. 

Using a simple, secure interface, organizations at DMARC enforcement are able to customize a digital watermark that will appear in customer/prospect inboxes on Yahoo Mail, Microsoft, and Gmail/G Suite. 

Amplify enables enterprises to drive new brand impressions, increase email open rates, reinforce customer trust, and control brand consistency at scale.

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Build and protect your brand reputation

  • Millions to billions of new brand impressions
  • Brand recognition increases email open rates
  • Control over how brand logo is displayed globally
  • Scalable, secure, standards-based global infrastructure

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The only automated BIMI solution
One click configuration
Records managed on your behalf (No manual DNS updates)
One unified dashboard for updating logos across emailing domains
Scalable for enterprises with multiple brand entities and domains
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