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SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is critical to email deliverability. Our patented InstantSPF™ is the world’s only automated SPF solution.

Anti-Impersonation Security

Valimail Enforce

For organizations that want automated DMARC enforcement and protection against same-domain attacks.

Valimail Enforce Enterprise

For larger volume organizations that want automated DMARC enforcement and protection against same-domain attacks with portfolio management, enhanced reporting, and other features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most organizations fail to successfully implement email authentication because they have difficulty identifying all the third party services that send email on their behalf.  They also have a challenge overcoming implementation obstacles such as the SPF 10-lookup limit, and have trouble with initial configuration and ongoing maintenance.

No. Customers merely point their SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records to the Valimail Cloud.  This frees your organization from ever having to work inside DNS to implement Email Authentication.

Valimail does not collect any PII. Our technology is unique in that we rely only on DMARC aggregate reports sent by receiving mail servers, which do not contain PII.  This makes Valimail ideal for those concerned about GDPR considerations. There is no risk of PII leakage from our system because our platform doesn't process nor touch the actual body content of customers' emails.

We fail open. In the unlikely case that our service is down for a few minutes, you'll be no worse off than you are right now. You would be open to phishing until the platform comes back online again. In the unlikely case of an event, Valimail provides automated service uptime alerting for all clients.

Stop Email Impersonation Attacks and Protect Your Brand

Valimail's automated cloud service for DMARC enforcement can help