DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) is the industry standard for email authentication, enabling domain owners to establish which services are authorized to send email using their domain names and to control the disposition of email that fails authentication.

This open standard can eliminate more than 99% of unauthorized mail messages, including those sent to mailboxes outside your network. Furthermore, DMARC can prevent 100% of unapproved messages from delivery inside your organization.

ValiMail Pro™ gives you easy, automated visibility and control over DMARC, SPF, and DKIM for your domain names.

  • Provides visibility into email services using your domains
  • Ensures only authorized services can send
  • Enables one-click addition or removal of senders
  • Eliminates the SPF ten-domain lookup limitation, allowing any number of services to be authenticated
  • Configures and maintains error-free DMARC, SPF, and DKIM
  • Provides real-time email authentication responses globally

Correct DMARC Configuration Every Time

DMARC, SPF (Sender Policy Framework), and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) are standard protocols working together in DNS as the official record of which services are allowed to send email for any given domain name. Unfortunately, configuring and updating DMARC records is complicated, time-consuming, and error-prone. And errors can yield bad outcomes, such as failing to block offending emails or blocking your own messages from delivery.

Technical limitations with these protocols and the difficulty in creating records – along with the severe consequences for getting them wrong – cause most enterprises never to get to full DMARC deployment. Meaning they don’t achieve their goal of preventing criminal brand impersonation.

ValiMail’s SaaS approach and our patented Targeted SPF™ technology (U.S. patent #9,762,618) overcomes the technical limitations of email authentication standards such as the SPF 10-lookup limit, delivering complete DMARC, SPF, and DKIM records in an automated fashion. Our intuitive web management console provides up-to-the-minute visibility on which services you’ve authorized to send email and lets you add or remove services with a mouse click.

Efficient, No-Hassle Onboarding

Your ValiMail instance can be up and running right away, showing you who is sending email using your domains and identifying problem services that need to be updated. The service also evaluates your DMARC configuration and identifies errors requiring attention.

Our customer success team quickly identifies problematic sending services and helps resolve them. It is then simple to activate enforcement, signaling receiving inboxes to mark unauthorized messages as spam or drop them entirely.

Full Control over Senders

Because ValiMail authenticates for most inboxes globally, your dashboard shows you all services sending email using your domain names. Upon starting, many enterprises discover previously unknown senders. IT organizations can identify them – both legitimate and not – and decide if each service may send email on their behalf.

Because the ValiMail service is the ultimate arbiter of which emails inboxes accept, the internal messaging group now has the power to enforce compliance and prevent “Shadow Email” from standing up unauthorized services.

All the Advantages of a Cloud Service

ValiMail is built as a SaaS offering, bringing you the benefits of a cloud service. The always-on, two-factor authenticated console is available from anywhere, any time – even on your mobile device. You have no software to install or maintain, as ValiMail takes care of security patches and other service updates for you. ValiMail even will track your third-party senders for configuration changes and make any necessary adjustments to your SPF automatically.

No end user training or behavioral changes are required. And in the event of future evolution in the DMARC landscape, ValiMail can update its service without requiring anything from you.

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