Services are moving into the cloud, leading to an explosion in emails sent on your behalf from a variety of sources.

Zapproved sends legal discovery emails; Salesforce sends sales emails; Workday sends HR emails, and Marketo sends marketing emails – all using your company’s identity.

By selecting and running these services without consulting the messaging, infrastructure, or security teams, departments across the enterprise have inadvertently created “Shadow Email” organizations.

ValiMail Pro™ gives back control of email by providing visibility on and decision-making power over which services send messages using your domains.

Email Goes to the Cloud

Cloud services provide great benefit to departments throughout your organization, most of which have legitimate need to send email on your behalf. Examples of these services include:

  • Marketing automation
  • Calendaring
  • Document signing
  • Internal legal discovery
  • And many, many more

Too often teams employing these services do not follow traditional channels, and that can result in failure to comply with security best practices, brand guidelines, and legal requirements.

Bring Shadow Email into Compliance

Email authentication regains control of your organization’s email by giving you complete visibility on the services sending messages using your domains along with the ability to enable or disable their sending capability.

ValiMail Pro enables industry standard DMARC, SPF, and DKIM protocols to defeat phishing attacks, improve deliverability, and make it possible to ensure your email services are in compliance with standards such as:

  • FDIC
  • And others

ValiMail Pro will automatically discover all existing emailing services, and when new services come online, they won’t be enabled until you clear them to send. And that returns control of email away from Shadow Email and back to the teams with the expertise and the mandate to ensure they are used correctly.

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