Valimail Defend™ is the world’s only fully automated email authorization solution that prevents lookalike-domain and friendly-from phishing attacks from reaching your employees.

Unlike other solutions, Valimail Defend can easily recognize and stop imposter emails — before employees ever get them.

Valimail Defend is built on the Valimail Identity Driven Email Anti-impersonation (IDEA) platform, which uses a revolutionary, identity-focused approach instead of analyzing email content.  Defend doesn’t use the fuzzy logic of AI/ML solutions, which have to guess intent and cause a high rate of false positives. Defend avoids the exposure of PII and PHI, manual maintenance, and high false positives associated with other vendors.

Instead, Valimail employs a revolutionary, authoritative authorization approach provided by the IDEA platform, guaranteeing that only trusted senders can ever reach your inbox.

Valimail Defend delivers on the “No Auth - No Entry” promise faster and easier than any solution on the market — we guarantee it.

Valimail Defend™ Email Authorization Technology

A Complete Anti-Impersonation Suite

A certified Microsoft and Symantec partner, Valimail is already trusted by enterprises to authenticate billions of messages and protect millions of inboxes with its Valimail Enforce product. Award winning and recognized by Gartner as “the only true disruptor in the space,” Valimail Enforce is FedRAMP Authorized, and trusted by Federal Agencies, multinational enterprises, and mid-sized corporations worldwide.

With the launch of Valimail Defend, Valimail provides a comprehensive suite for fully automated protection against email fraud and impersonation attacks, both inbound and outbound.

Valimail Defend and Valimail Enforce complement existing anti-spam solutions and secure email gateways (SEGs) to ensure the most effective layered defense for your organization.

Valimail Defend:
  • Does not use or expose PII
  • Does not read OR access the contents of your email
  • Minimizes false alarms (false positives)

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