Stop Lookalike-Domain and Friendly-from Attacks

Valimail Defend™, based on Valimail's IDEA platform, is the only automated, identity-based solution for reliable inbound impersonation protection. Unlike other solutions that generate lots of false alarms and expose your organization’s PII (Personally Identifiable Information), Valimail provides the strongest protection against lookalike-domain and friendly-from attacks without accessing the contents of email messages. Other security solutions increase risk and potential liability because they essentially take a copy of your email outside the organization to read the content and attempt to identify behavioral patterns, keywords, or other tipoffs that an email may be fake. Valimail Defend is the only identity-based solution that does not access PII.

Leveraging Valimail's machine learning-driven analysis of millions of domains and many billions of authentication requests, Defend eliminates major email impersonation attacks, including lookalike-domain (aka cousin-domain) and friendly-from spoofing attacks. Combined with Valimail Enforce, a fully automated solution against exact-domain attacks, Defend provides the most comprehensive, fully automated defense against impersonation available on the market today.

Valimail Defend™ Anti-impersonation Technology

A Complete Anti-impersonation Suite

Valimail Defend and Valimail Enforce combine to provide complete, 360-degree defense against email fraud and impersonation attacks. Defend complements existing anti-spam solutions and secure email gateways (SEGs) to ensure the most effective layered defense for your organization.  In addition, Valimail Defend:

  • Does not expose or use PII
  • Does not read OR access the contents of your email
  • Minimizes false alarms (false positives)

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