Valimail Defend™ is an entirely new, authoritative solution that stops inbound impersonation attacks (BEC, spear phishing, identity deception, CEO fraud, W-2 attacks, wire scams, etc.), giving organizations certainty that the only emails reaching corporate inboxes are those sent from known, trusted domains.

Defend leverages a global, managed, and constantly expanding dataset of millions of trusted domains to provide an unparalleled level of inbound protection against today’s number one cyberattack vector: phishing.

Valimail Defend™, together with Valimail Enforce™ (which protects your own domain from being impersonated), provides the world’s most comprehensive phishing defense.

Unlike all other solutions on the market, Valimail does not extract, process, or store PII (Personally Identifiable Information), leaving you with zero risk of data breach or compliance issues.

An Architecture Built on Identity and Authorization.

Defend Stops Untrusted-Domain Attacks

Valimail Defend blocks untrusted-domain attacks like this one.
  • Only trusted domains get through — no AI/ML guesswork, no probability scores, no false positives
  • Full visibility and policy control — once you set the policy, Defend takes care of everything automatically
  • Eliminates untrusted-domain attacks:
    • IBM Support <>
    • John Doe, CEO <>
  • Does not extract, process, or store PII — ever
  • Real-time decision and action on incoming messages
  • Quick and easy implementation