Valimail Enforce™ Guarantees DMARC Enforcement

Based on Valimail's IDEA platform and built to support the global standard DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance), Valimail addresses the ongoing operational challenges of email authentication with true automation.

Our cloud-based authentication system guarantees customers get to DMARC policy enforcement ­— and keeps them there. Only Valimail has patented technology that addresses the organizational and technological hurdles to enforcement and offers the Valimail Enforcement Guarantee™.

Why Valimail Enforce™ for Email Authentication?

As DMARC continues to accelerate and Cloud IT becomes the norm with multiple third-party emailers sending on your behalf, email authentication is key to protecting your organization from impersonation attacks. Impersonation attacks prey on victims’ familiarity with your organization’s email domain and are much harder for end-users to detect. DNS was not built for modern authentication standards, however, and most organizations have found the authentication process difficult because it's not just a simple configuration project. Email authentication is an ongoing operational activity that must be maintained. Valimail Enforce™ was purpose-built to get organizations to enforcement with automation. That means your organization can be more secure with fewer vulnerabilities, and no DNS manual process. With Valimail Enforce™, your employees, partners and brand are protected automatically.

Why Aren't Companies Authenticating?

Organizations have had trouble adopting email authentication because they’ve taken a manual and configuration-centric approach to implementation. This approach has been difficult for them to execute and maintain. Difficulties include:

  • Identifying a growing list of third-party emailers sending on the organization's behalf
  • Hitting the SPF 10-lookup limit and causing SPF to break
  • Working in DNS, a live production system, and then having to “wait and see” if trouble tickets come in when delicate email flows break or authentication fails
  • No error handling in DNS that tells administrators when they’ve committed an error
  • Strict change control around each DNS change elongates project time to months or even years
  • Constant ongoing changes to services as well underlying IPs

Valimail was Built for the Cloud Era

The Valimail Cloud responds to every authentication request in real-time and ensures that every email sent using your domain name is safe. Only approved third-party apps can send email on your behalf. Simply point DMARC, SPF, and DKIM records to Valimail and we answer every authentication request based on your specific policies.

With Valimail Enforce™ you get:

Turnkey Automation
  • Guaranteed DMARC Authentication
  • Alignment with SPF and DKIM
  • Identification and management of internal and third-party service providers
A Secure and Certified Experience
  •  All data encrypted at rest and in transit
  •  Privacy Shield Certified/No PII
A Flexible and Robust System
  • Globally deployed, fully redundant 99.995% infrastructure
Simple Setup and Maintenance
  • One-click configuration
  • Real-time, always-on authentication
  • Zero DNS administration
  • 24/7 access to global reporting and monitoring
  • Visual reporting that provides robust data in an easily consumable format