Valimail's Patented Technology Simplifies SPF

Valimail Deliver™, backed by the IDEA platform, is the world’s only automated SPF solution that includes our patented InstantSPF™ technology, automatically fixing the 10 domain lookup limit. Valimail Deliver instantly fixes any company’s SPF record — and keeps it accurate 24/7. It generates the perfect SPF record in real time based on your company’s policies. Simply point your SPF record to Valimail and we take care of the rest.

SPF is Critical to Email Deliverability

CMOs understand that their business is highly dependent on email for customer outreach, promotion, branding, demand generation, and other digital campaigns. In fact, despite the rapid rise of social networks, email’s use and importance has only increased. A critical element to any Digital Marketing campaign is email deliverability, and it all starts with a proper SPF record. Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is one of the oldest and most widely used standards for validating the identities of email senders. It is a cornerstone of modern email authentication. In fact, Marketo, Salesforce, SendGrid, SparkPost, and all leading Email Service Providers and Marketing Automation tools require their clients to implement SPF in order to improve deliverability and security.

Getting SPF Right is Near Impossible

Over 80 percent of companies’ SPF records are broken or missing critical services. There are several reasons for this:

  • Confusing and contradictory information
    Figuring out the proper syntax and SPF record for each of your services is exceedingly difficult. Often, the sending service itself has configuration issues or conflicting instructions.
  • The dreaded 10-lookup limit
    SPF was created in the pre-cloud era. As such, the creators of the SPF specification assumed no company would send with more than 2-3 services, and limited the number of DNS lookups that mail servers will do when evaluating an SPF record to a maximum of 10. In today’s world, most companies have a dozen or more cloud services sending email, with each service consuming 3-5 lookups. Once 10 lookups are exceeded, SPF fails, leaving your company with a broken configuration and sub-optimal deliverability.
  • “Flattening” is manual and brittle
    One classic workaround is to simply list all the IP addresses for all of your services. “Flattening” is highly manual, requires constant monitoring, and is very brittle. Your 3rd party services will not inform you when their underlying IP infrastructure changes, leaving you with an outdated and broken SPF.
  • Manual “trial and error” your DNS!
    DNS has no error handling, and is a live production system. There’s no way to test nor correct your SPF record in a such a sensitive and vital system. Keeping SPF up-to-date requires never-ending manual changes that must all be done in your DNS - with the potential to affect your entire web presence.

An Enterprise Scale Solution for Brands of All Sizes

Valimail’s automated SPF solution scales to meet the needs of mid-size companies to the largest global brands. Using Valimail, leading brands have authenticated billions of emails and blocked millions of phishing scams.

Flexible and robust
  • Globally deployed, fully redundant 99.995% infrastructure, including presence in EMEA and APAC
  • All data encrypted at rest and in transit
  • SSO/Access controls/2-factor authentication
  • Privacy Shield Certified/ISOC2
  • Valimail does not collect PII