ValiMail Pro™ gives you full and global visibility on the email services using your domain names, both from your own organization or from phishing or other malicious behavior. The intuitive ValiMail dashboard shows you:

  • Approved email services
  • Volume of phishing and other false messages for any given time period
  • Sources of illicit email abusing your domains and brand
  • Configuration settings for all domains in your account

Take Charge of Your Email Senders

The proliferation of business cloud services has created a challenge for those responsible for corporate brands along with the technical infrastructure professionals who maintain email. Teams throughout the enterprise may be turning on cloud offerings that legitimately need to send email using the company’s domain names. Sometimes referred to as “Shadow Email,” any department may initiate these services, including marketing, sales, accounting, HR, or legal.

The ease with which divisions can turn on third party services means CIOs, CISOs, and messaging teams have lost control over and visibility on which third party email services send as them, not to mention how often and at what volume. That presents grave risks for compliance, security, and deliverability as the teams charged with understanding and managing best practices cannot obtain reliable information.

ValiMail’s email authentication service restores visibility and control to email. ValiMail automatically discovers all sending services across the globe, including those previously unknown to the messaging team, and displays them in an intuitive dashboard. It becomes simple to bring these services into compliance with corporate policies or stop them from sending. And as employees spin up new services, you can ensure they meet standards before allowing them to send.

Track All Messages Using Your Domains

Once the ValiMail service goes live it gains visibility on more than 99% of the email volume sent using your domain names. That means the service detects virtually every sender representing itself as your company. ValiMail gives you a complete view on both authentic email and identity-spoofed phishing sent to prey on your customers, employees, and supporters.

The service shows you volume over time and tracks how many messages are authorized or not. It shows you the sources of all email, legitimate and illegitimate. Best of all, unlike existing solutions, it’s built deliberately so that ValiMail never sees the content of your emails nor any PII. That way you know your information remains confidential.

Be Alerted to Important Developments

ValiMail keeps an eye on your DMARC, SPF, and DKIM implementations to ensure everything stays in working order. In the event that any service stops authenticating properly for any reason, ValiMail will alert you for swift resolution. When new out-of-compliance services come online, you can deal with them quickly without disruption to business. And when unusual phishing activity against your brand raises its head, ValiMail lets you know.

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