DMARC-as-a-service with Valimail Authenticate

Automatic DNS configuration, intelligent sender identification, and an easy-to-follow task list all help you achieve rapid, ongoing DMARC enforcement. 

How it Works

Powerful Intelligent DMARC Automation™ lets you move through the process efficiently and confidently.

Onboard seamlessly

Take the risk out of DNS provisioning and get to work protecting your domains.

See who’s sending email as you

Our vast sending service database identifies and ensures total visibility into all of your services.

Follow guided, automated workflows

Work through each task to configure your services, without needing deep technical knowledge or outside expertise.

Stay in control with alerts and analytics

Contextual analytics help validate automated recommendations, while alerts keep you up-to-date.


Get started in minutes

Don’t let setting up your SPF, DKIM and DMARC records stand in your way. Authenticate guides you efficiently through the process, often being able to update your records automatically.


Detect every sender

Know exactly who’s sending emails on your organization’s behalf. Authenticate provides total visibility into your domains, using our comprehensive database to automatically identify senders.

Stop perusing IP data

Authenticate’s intelligent analysis lets you can reclaim time and effort previously spent scrutinizing IP logs and status reports.

Leverage the most extensive sender database

Accurately identify more senders than with any other tool, preventing even a single unauthorized email from your domain.


Conquer your task list

Complete each step to email authentication without second-guessing yourself. Authenticate guides you through setting up DNS, configuring SPF and DKIM records for each service, then moving to DMARC enforcement to quarantine or block unauthorized senders.

Empower anyone to get DMARC done

Guided task lists make Authenticate easy for anyone to use, whether or not they have a technical background.

Follow a clear path to enforcement

Never let roadblocks get in the way—work through each task to authenticate domain services in a simple, intuitive workflow.

Never miss a step

Manage your DMARC project, ensuring that all SPF entries and DKIM keys are in place for all approved services.


Embrace the “trust, but verify” mentality

There are times you’ll want to double-check automatic recommendations or dig into data anomalies yourself. Authenticate makes it easy to verify automated recommendations and get complete visibility into your domain and service-based metrics, so you never have to wonder.

Handle DMARC with ease

Rely on automated recommendations to put DMARC in place without hiring expensive technical contractors.

Check the data for yourself

Validate recommendations using rich, real-time supplemental data and robust visualizations right where you’re already working.

Gain complete visibility

Get the benefits of automation without the typical black box. Authenticate shows you what’s happening for every domain and service at every stage of the process.

Reliable and Scalable

A worry-free platform that scales to fit any company size with total reliability.

Hundreds of millions of emails per minute

Protect and preserve brand integrity at any scale with a high-performance solution for SPF and DKIM authentication and DMARC enforcement.

Never worry again about SPF Lookups

Instant SPF provides the only patented, failsafe approach to overcoming the lookup limit so that authentication will always succeed.

Industry Leadership

Leverage cutting-edge technology built by a team of talented developers who regularly contribute to global standards and threat detection communities.

Global Infrastructure

Count on near-instantaneous DMARC email authentication anywhere in the world with Valimail’s global infrastructure.

Protecting your email is protecting your brand

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Valimail?

We set out to ensure clients get to DMARC enforcement and stay there. If fact, we believe achieving enforcement should be the expected minimum requirement for DMARC. The hard part is not only getting to enforcement but staying there, which is why Valimail built a mission critical infrastructure that automatically authenticates your email globally in mere milliseconds — 24/7/365.

Why is DMARC at enforcement important?

Email authentication only stops impersonations when set to an “enforcement” policy. Enforcement means
that phishing attacks and shadow email sent purportedly from your domain will be quarantined or outright rejected by DMARC-compliant email gateways. Unfortunately, companies only achieve enforcement 30% of the time, regardless of their size, IT expertise, or resources. However your company decides to approach email authentication, insist on DMARC enforcement.

Are there more risks than doing email authentication manually?

The majority of risks with DMARC, SPF, DKIM are syntax errors, all of which happen without validation. Humans are error-prone. A single typographical error can cause good email to get blocked. The clearest and cleanest path to enforcement is to rely on automation. Valimail’s automated approach gets 90 percent of our clients to enforcement within 4 months

Who are some of your customers?

Valimail authenticates billions of email messages every month for many forward-looking, global brands including American Cancer Society, City National Bank, Fannie Mae, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Fenwick & West, John Hancock, Mercedes-Benz, Nextdoor, Splunk, Square, Uber, Wix, and many more.

Valimail “has your back” with essential knowledge, articles, and guides

…so that you can confidently move through the email authentication journey.