2017 Email Fraud Report

ValiMail’s analysis of the most popular 1 million global domains shows that most domain owners have not attempted to implement fraud protection through the latest and most complete form of protection, DMARC. Of those that have attempted DMARC, only 23 percent are actually achieving protection from fraud.

ValiMail Government Report

The ValiMail Government Report includes 15 pages of detailed information on the challenges and opportunities federal agencies will face in complying with the DHS directive to implement DMARC (BOD 18-01).

2016 Email Fraud Report

ValiMail's first annual global analysis of the state of email authentication, covering more than 1 million domains, found that more than 70 percent of email authentication implementations fail.

Bringing Trust to Email: ValiMail Datasheet

ValiMail solves some of the biggest problems in today's cloud-based email ecosystem. This two-page summary explains our features and benefits.

The Challenges and Promise of Email Authentication

Read this white paper to learn more about DMARC, SPF, and DKIM; how you can prevent phishing attacks based on domain impersonation; and why email authentication configuration and maintenance is such a headache.

A New Approach to DMARC

This one-page datasheet shows how ValiMail stacks up compared to other DMARC vendors.

The Next Big Revolution in Communication: Email

This infographic gathers key stats on email usage, the rates of phishing and email impersonation, and the effectiveness and market penetration of DMARC.