Automated DMARC Enforcement

The world's only truly automated solution for DMARC enforcement

DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) is a globally-accepted open standard that ensures only authorized senders can use your domain in the visible From: field of their email messages. DMARC builds on two earlier email authentication standards, SPF and DKIM.  While many vendors promise enforcement, Valimail, using its patented technology is the only vendor with guaranteed enforcement in the fastest time in the industry.

Anti-phishing Defense

Impersonation attacks are the most lethal phishing attacks because they are the easiest to carry out and can cause the most damage

Valimail’s DMARC enforcement solution stops impersonation attacks dead in their tracks.

Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams, also referred to as CEO fraud or "whaling," is a form of spear phishing attack where an attacker impersonates a company executive and attempts to get an employee, customer, or vendor to transfer funds or sensitive information. According to the FBI, BEC scams have accounted for more than $5 billion in losses between October 2013 and December 2016, with more than 24,000 victims reporting incidents worldwide. The only way to stop impersonation attacks is with email authentication. Valimail is the only truly automated solution in the marketplace.

Brand Protection

Protect your email domain. Protect your brand.

Valimail stops criminals from impersonating your domain name and implicating your organization in acts of fraud perpetrated outside your network.

When your organization's email domain gets spoofed by hackers and abused in phishing attacks on consumers, your brand takes a direct hit. Authenticate your domains with Valimail's DMARC enforcement, so only legitimate senders can send email as your brand. Gain global brand protection with the world's only truly automated solution. Valimail is fully compatible with all Email Service Providers (ESPs) and Marketing Automation solutions. With Valimail, the platform does all the heavy lifting for you, completely automating email authentication and protecting your brand.

Improve Deliverability

Vastly improve your email deliverability 

Valimail gets you to DMARC enforcement, which improves your email reputation and overall deliverability.

Email is one of the key drivers of demand generation for marketers. Hackers spoofing your corporate email domain damage your email sender score with mailbox providers, and thus increase the likelihood that your marketing emails land in consumers’ spam folders. Once Valimail locks down your email domains with DMARC at enforcement, your deliverability rates will significantly improve, and you'll block criminals from hijacking your sender score.

Regulatory Compliance

Get compliant with security regulations and best practices.  Lock down your email ecosystem.

From FTC to GDPR to the DHS Binding Operational Directive, automated email authentication is a giant leap towards compliance.

Over 90 percent of security breaches start through phishing emails and over half of all emails are spam, leading many standards bodies to issue guidelines and mandates. With Valimail’s automated email authentication cloud service, getting to compliance is easy. Unlike other solutions that are based on consulting models that push the burden of compliance on you, Valimail provides a fully automated solution.