Building Relationships, Loyalty, and Trust

Client relationships are built on trust. Bad actors that spoof your institution’s communications, however, can devastate your firm’s reputation, leaving lasting impressions that are hard to reverse.

Trust in financial services firms is threatened by the scourge of email impersonation attacks. Criminals can send email as your company with impunity, impacting your brand and your customer’s trust in your company. Additionally, losses due to email fraud number in the billions per year.

Valimail’s email authentication technology stops criminals and unauthorized services from sending email as your company. For inbound email, executive spoofing (impersonation) is blocked, reducing BEC, W2, and other email fraud attacks. For outbound email, only legitimate transaction notifications, banking alerts, and trade confirmations are delivered, so customers can trust their inbox communications from your firm. Additionally, Valimail optimizes deliverability, which increases the efficiency of outbound marketing, upsell, and cross-sell campaigns.

Visibility, Control and Compliance

CISOs, CIOs, and IT teams of financial services companies want to have visibility and control on who is sending emails on their behalf. Shadow IT with rogue email services can be a major headache.

With Valimail, companies get full visibility of all email services sending on their domain names, including internal cloud systems like HR, Payroll, and other third-party workflow services sending emails on their behalf. All in an easy-to-use executive dashboard with detailed reports.

This increased visibility into their email ecosystem substantially lowers business risk. And it paves the way for customer acquisition growth, unencumbered by fraudulent phishing scams and compromised reputation.

With poor defense amidst a pervasive threat and the numbers of attacks rising, regulators are adding email security mandates that financial services companies have to deal with. Like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations, the U.S. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and New York state’s cyber-security mandates.  Valimail can help you get compliant.

Financial Services Email Authentication

Valimail’s email authentication technology protects banks from spear phishing, whaling, and impersonation attacks. Leveraging DMARC global standards along with patented technology, Valimail’s cloud solution authenticates every email in real-time, sanctioning legitimate senders and thwarting fraud from malicious impersonators.

With an easy-to-use management console, IT teams have one-click control over DMARC policies to protect employees from impersonation attacks and shield customers from criminal impostors that attempt to hijack the company’s email identity. Spoofed emails on a domain name are rejected or quarantined and administrators gain full visibility and control over their email ecosystem.

Valimail’s robust enterprise-grade cloud service scales to meet the largest healthcare organizations’ needs. Key features of our enterprise-grade infrastructure include:

  • Global deployment, with fully redundant 99.995% infrastructure
  • Data encryption at rest and in transit
  • SSO/Access controls/2-factor authentication
  • Privacy Shield Certified/ISOC2
  • No PII

With Valimail in place, our clients can be assured that when they receive an email from City National, it actually came from us.

Karl Mattson
CISO, City National Bank

Only 2% of 168 financial firms successfully deployed 100% effective email authentication.

Valimail 2017 Survey
Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC)