Why Do You Need Email Authentication For Your Law Firm?

Law firms are built on the trust developed with their clients. Unfortunately, many law firms don’t realize it, but their domain names and reputations are hijacked by fraudsters and criminals all over the world. Scammers from as many as 10-12 countries at a time typically send fraudulent email impersonating a firm. Imagine the damage that can be done when fraudsters spoof your firm’s brand and deceive your clients.

With email authentication through DMARC enforcement, your domain is locked down against malicious attacks. Only the authorized senders that you select, such as those that provide you with business-critical SaaS tools like HR, Accounting, and other authorized services, can use your domain. With DMARC at enforcement, your clients, partners, employees—and their private data—are protected against exact-domain impersonation attacks.

Why Valimail?

Valimail's email authentication technology protects your domains with true automation, which means less work for your internal teams.

For inbound email, Valimail blocks executive spoofing (impersonation), reducing Business Email Compromise (BEC), W2, and other email fraud attacks. For outbound email, Valimail ensures that only authorized services can send on your behalf, so your customers and partners don’t get compromised emails from hackers impersonating your firm.

Why Is Enforcement So Hard?

Less than 8 percent of the law firms that have DMARC records actually succeed at getting to enforcement. Many organizations encounter a number of blockers, including challenges with third-party sender identification, the SPF 10 domain lookup limit, and more.

With Valimail, law firms get full visibility of all email services sending on their domain names, including internal cloud systems like HR, payroll, and other third-party workflow services sending email on their behalf. And It’s all presented in an easy-to-use system with detailed reports.

Get started today with a complimentary domain analysis.

Valimail made it so simple and easy that I don’t know why everyone hasn’t done it.

Kevin Moore
CSO of Fenwick & West, LLP