Complete Visibility and Control

With the spread of phishing scams, tech companies have heightened exposure to reputational risk.

CISOs, CIOs, and IT teams want to have visibility and control on who is sending emails on their behalf. Shadow IT with rogue email services can be a major headache for companies. While SaaS offerings rely on volumes of outbound messages, a web of integrations yield complex solution designs. In fact, as much as 75 percent of ‘branded’ emails originate from outsourced vendors that provide specialized third party services.

With Valimail, companies get full visibility on all email services including internal ones like HR, Payroll, and others, as well as all third-party services sending emails on their behalf. All in an easy to use executive dashboard with detailed reports.

This increased visibility into their email ecosystem substantially lowers business risk. And it paves the way for customer acquisition growth, unencumbered by fraudulent phishing scams and compromised emails.

Phishing Attacks, Branding, Deliverability

Deceptive and malicious email cause over 90 percent of cyber-security attacks. Yet most technology firms lack the required DMARC enforcement  in place to stop them. Impersonation attacks, including same-domain phishing, make two-thirds of all the phishing attacks. Impersonation attacks are also the most dangerous because emails appear to come from your trusted executive like a CEO or CFO asking for confidential information. For employees, these emails look innocuous and they fall for it in spite of all the training.

For technology CMOs, getting their brand protected is critical. If hackers can spoof your email and start reaching out to your customers with phishing attacks, your brand will take a major hit and consumers will stop trusting it.

Somewhat related to brand protection is the deliverability of email issue. CMOs care about their company’s emails getting through to their customers, prospects, and partners. With DMARC enforcement, you get a significant improvement email deliverability as mailbox providers will trust your emails. And, this results in better customer satisfaction, higher conversion rates, and more revenues.

Valimail’s automated solution for DMARC enforcement helps in protecting your brand increasing trust with your customers, and improving deliverability of your emails.

Email Authentication for Technology Companies

Valimail’s email authentication solution protects tech companies from spear phishing, whaling, and impersonation attacks. Leveraging DMARC global standards along with patented technology, Valimail’s cloud solution authenticates every email in real-time, sanctioning legitimate senders and thwarting fraud from malicious impersonators.

With an easy-to-use management console, IT teams have one-click control over DMARC policies to protect employees from impersonation attacks and shield customers from criminal impostors that attempt to hijack the company’s email. Spoofed emails on a domain name are rejected or quarantined and administrators gain full visibility and control over their email ecosystem.

Valimail’s global platform scales to meet the largest tech company needs and requires minimal administrative resources. Key features of our enterprise-grade infrastructure include:

  • Global deployment, with fully redundant 99.995% infrastructure
  • Data encryption at rest and in transit
  • SSO/Access controls/2-factor authentication
  • Privacy Shield Certified/ISOC2
  • No PII

Valimail solved a big problem for us — the limit in DNS lookups of the SPF record.

Ioannis Koniaris
Security Engineering Manager, Yelp

It’s a relief to know our third-party email authentication problem is in the past and that Valimail is monitoring it on our behalf.

Robert Lowry
Director of Security, VTS