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Fight phishing and BEC attacks

Complete inbound and outbound email protection

Complete email phishing protection

Valimail is the only fully automated solution designed from the ground up to fight phishing and BEC (business email compromise) attacks. With complete protection from both inbound and outbound phish, the Valimail platform ensures that your domain will be fully locked down and secure. We protect your employees, executives, customers, and partners — without personal information exposure, false positives, or endless maintenance.

Revolutionary, definitive technology

Revolutionary, definitive technology

Employing revolutionary, domain-based sender identification and authentication, Valimail ensures that only trusted domains, contacts, and services can send email on your behalf — or be allowed to deliver email into your employees’ inboxes.

Valimail delivers definitive email identity authentication based on open standards and the world’s largest, most complete database of trusted emailing domains and email-sending services.

Safe, secure, trusted email

Trusted by the experts + always compliant

Valimail is the only solution of its kind that is FedRAMP-authorized, SOC 2 compliant, and fully integrates with popular secure email gateways (SEGs) such as Symantec, Microsoft, Mimecast, and more.

Across our product line, Valimail requires minimal effort to implement and an average of 0.2 FTEs to maintain — and we guarantee results. Valimail really works.

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