ValiMail Pro™ gives you control over your company’s email. It offers visibility on who is trying to send email using your domain names and lets you decide which ones are authorized to do so – and block those that are not.

The service automates configuration and maintenance of DMARC, SPF, and DKIM records through an intuitive web interface. It lets you see the volume of email by sender and easily identify phishing or other unauthorized mail volume.

Automated DMARC

DMARC (Domain-based Automation, Reporting & Conformance) is a powerful protocol that makes it possible for the first time ever to truly monitor and control the email sent using your domain names. A great many companies, however, have a very hard time implementing DMARC records that make it all the way to enforcement (using a p=quarantine or p=reject policy).

That is because the DMARC standard is complex and unforgiving to implement. It features precise syntax that must be followed exactly or bad results can happen, including failing to block phishing email or actually interfering with the deliverability of your own, legitimate messages. Records need be edited directly in DNS, and a single misplaced keystroke can give you an unparseable record.

With ValiMail you just point and click in an intuitive web interface, and software configures your records correctly every time. The ValiMail dashboard gives you visibility on the mail being sent using your domain names, be they messages from inside your company, those from cloud services you use, or phishing activity. Easily identify new sending services and authorize them for sending once you’re confident they’re legitimate, in compliance with policy, and correctly implemented.

Painless and Error Free SPF and DKIM Records

The service also takes care of your SPF (Sender Profile Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) settings in DNS as well. With ValiMail you can:

  • Get around SPF’s ten lookup limit using ValiMail’s Targeted SPF™, adding as many sending services as you like without ever exceeding the limit
  • Avoid SPF flattening, with its error-prone and fragile nature, in favor of a robust and flexible macro-based service
  • Easily update records to add new services as they come online or remove old ones that are phased out
  • Ensure DKIM keys are cryptographically secure
  • Skip editing DNS records and manage your settings in an intuitive interface

Plus, your private information stays private because the ValiMail service never sees the content of any email you send.

What services – legitimate or criminal – are sending email from your domains, and are those messages authenticating? Request a complementary domain assessment to find out.

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