ValiMail Pro™ automates email authentication and stops phishing attacks, resulting in better deliverability and brand protection. With ValiMail, when your customers get email from your company’s domain they can trust that the email actually is coming from you.

Email Is Growing, and So Is Phishing

Email is the top communication channel for marketers to reach customers and drive revenue. Unfortunately, email is also the preferred channel for cybercriminals, used to carry out phishing attacks. That negatively impacts the stuff marketers care about, like reaching customers and maintaining brand trust. Not to mention dropping engagement rates as consumers are increasingly afraid to open emails.

Why Email Authentication?

The most important step marketers can take against the threat of fraud is to become champions for email authentication. Using email authentication, you can preserve your sender reputation and ensure your messages have the best possible chance at hitting consumers’ inboxes.

In addition, enforcing DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) is the only way to ensure that emails from criminals impersonating your corporate domain are not delivered to your clients  –  damaging your brand and your consumer’s trust.

How ValiMail Works

Only ValiMail automates and manages email authentication and DMARC enforcement on your behalf, shielding your brand from phishing attacks and improving your deliverability.

With ValiMail, you can:

  • Maximize your email marketing ROI. Keeping your customers’ trust is key to revenue growth and retention.
  • Protect your brand from the damage caused by phishing. With DMARC enforcement, you’ll be able to create a “white list” of approved senders and block unauthorized senders from using your domains to carry out phishing attacks.
  • Improve deliverability. ISPs look at email authentication as one of the factors that determine whether your message will be delivered or marked as spam. Enforcing DMARC contributes to deliverability.

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