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Take control of your email marketing identity with BIMI

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What is BIMI?

BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) offers organizations the ability to control and amplify their brands via email, at scale. Using the BIMI standard marketing teams can take control over the images and information displayed adjacent to their email messages in customer inboxes on email providers that support the standard, including Yahoo Mail and, coming soon, Gmail and other providers.

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Brand trust increases marketing ROI

With BIMI, every email becomes an opportunity to increase customer engagement. Initial BIMI pilots have shown that displaying recognizable brand logos adjacent to email messages increases open rates by an average of 10%. Additionally, according to the 2019 Consumer Email Tracking report from marketing platform dotdigital, the single most important factor (72%) in opening an email is if it comes from a recognized brand. That places the impact of brand recognition above tried and true content variables such as subject lines and copy. 

Additionally, the report shows that 43% of marketers say that “not being able to recognize the brand” is the primary reason customers unsubscribe from emails. 

The research indicates what marketers have long known: Brand recognition is the most valuable tool in the inbox. And now there is an easy, reliable way to build brand trust at scale with BIMI.

Check your brand readiness with the Valimail BIMI checker
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The need for DMARC enforcement

BIMI requires DMARC enforcement in order to guarantee that your logo shows consistently across all your email and that no one can use your logo without permission. DMARC lets you specify a policy which tells receiving mail servers how to treat messages that appear to come from your organization, based on whether those messages are properly authenticated (technically, whether they pass or fail SPF or DKIM authentication in an aligned manner). With the rise of phishing and business email compromise (BEC), DMARC was created to stop bad actors from being able to send malicious messages from your domain, keeping them out of peoples’ inboxes.

DMARC at enforcement is a prerequisite for using BIMI. 

Not only does Valimail help organizations with getting to DMARC enforcement fast, we also have a simple, secure interface that companies can use to get their BIMI logos adjacent to emails for Yahoo Mail and (soon)  Gmail. Additionally, Valimail is the only vendor that also allows organizations to manage their Microsoft Business Profile information from the same interface — so the same logo used for BIMI can also appear in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft 365 inboxes.

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