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Complete Phishing and BEC Protection for Microsoft 365

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Phishing attacks have entered a new era. Almost 90% of all phishing attacks now use an impersonated sender identity, and over 90% contain no malware. This drastic shift in the threat landscape requires a combination of content filtering and identity validation.

Valimail, together with Microsoft, is offering a comprehensive email security solution for Microsoft 365 customers that stops content-based phishing attacks (malware, links, ransomware) and modern identity-based phishing (BEC, domain spoofing, executive impersonation). This layered defense blocks phish and protects your employees, your company, and your brand.

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Domain spoofing protection

Eliminate domain-spoofing attacks to safeguard employees, customers and supply chain partners – guaranteed.

  • Identify all third-party services sending email “from” your domain, regardless of volume
  • Authorize services and manage configurations of DMARC, DKIM, SPF, and BIMI records using a simple, point-and-click dashboard — without ever touching DNS
  • Automate DMARC implementation to accelerate time-to-enforcement with with minimal resources
  • Access historical authentication data to identify services immediately

Valimail is the only solution to provide visibility into services that Microsoft 365 customers use to email their own employees, such as payroll messages — which normally don’t generate DMARC reports in Microsoft 365. This means you are less likely to block good email upon moving to DMARC enforcement.

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Inbound phishing protection

Valimail validates sender identity by checking all inbound mail against a proprietary database of more than 30 million trusted domains and the customer’s internal list of verified ‘open signup’ contacts. Only senders whose identities can be definitively verified as trustworthy will reach the corporate inbox. 

When paired with Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection’s (ATP) impersonation controls, these complementary defenses provide a best-in-breed phishing solution for Microsoft 365 users — eliminating the need for any additional secure email gateway.

  • One-click Microsoft 365 integration
  • Stops domain impersonation (lookalike & cousin domains that are deceptively similar to trusted domains)
  • Stops user impersonation (aka “friendly-from” attacks from open-signup systems like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)
  • Robust sender-identity policy application engine for Microsoft 365 admins
  • Lowers false positive and false negative rates
Protect your inbox
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Drive brand engagement in customer inboxes

Valimail Amplify is the only fully automated cloud offering that supports Microsoft Business Profiles as well as BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification). 

Using a simple, secure interface, organizations at DMARC enforcement are able to customize a digital watermark that displays next to their email messages in recipients’ inboxes on Microsoft 365, Yahoo!, and Gmail/G Suite.

  • Drive new brand impressions
  • Increase email open rates (est. 10%)
  • Reinforce customer trust
  • Manage brand consistency at scale
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Microsoft + Valimail vs. traditional solutions
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Free DMARC Monitoring for Microsoft 365 customers

As a Microsoft 365 customer, you have immediate access to DMARC Monitor, Valimail’s fully automated, quick-to-deploy DMARC monitoring tool. Discover all third-party services sending on your behalf, and spot criminals who are actively impersonating your organization.

  • Automate discovery of 5,500+ cloud-based services
  • Discover and view all malicious senders and non-authorized services (shadow IT) 
  • Review detailed enforcement status views
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