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Easily migrate to Microsoft Office 365

Easily migrate to the cloud and O365

By using Valimail you get deep visibility into all the cloud services leveraging your domain to send email. You need to know which services are authorized and which are not — as well as which are compatible with Office 365 prior to your migration.

We help you get your cloud house in order. Our patented technology identifies thousands of services by name, both popular and obscure. That lets you create a complete and accurate audit of all cloud services sending email using your domain, while avoiding the tedium and errors of working with sender IP addresses.

"Our goal is to give Microsoft customers greater ability to protect their users and gain control over how their email domains are being used. Valimail’s technology can now enable them to exert that control, within Office 365 as well as for any cloud services using a customer’s domain."

Ryan McGee,
Director, Microsoft Security Marketing at Microsoft
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As you migrate your organization to O365 there are dozens of steps to configure in at least a dozen categories. While Microsoft offers a great little tool to create a personalized checklist (exchange deployment assistant), you still need to work through that checklist. We identify those services sending on behalf of your domain; Email clients, cloud-based services, shadow IT, and unidentified IPs in use by the enterprise.

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STEP 3: Get access to Valimail Monitor for Office 365

As an added benefit, you’ll have greater visibility on your security posture (and exposure). Net result, you’ll have the information needed to beef up your defenses, lock down your environment, and increase email deliverability.

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