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Discover all services sending from your domain

DMARC is a widely supported standard that stops email spoofing and email fraud by locking down your organization’s domains, so only authorized senders can send email from them.

But to deploy DMARC and enforce it, IT departments must first identify who is sending email – whether it’s fraudulent or legitimate – on their organizations’ behalf. This is challenging because of the complexity of interpreting the raw data (often including long lists of IP addresses) in DMARC reports.

DMARC Monitor provides the simplest, most effective, most accurate way to reveal all the services sending from your domains – including senders spoofing your identity to phish your employees, partners, customers and everyone you do business with.

DMARC Monitor turns DMARC reports into easy-to-read lists of services, giving you visibility into all the services sending email “from” your domain, including those that are mostly passing authentication, partially passing, or mostly failing – even if those services only send a handful of messages a month.

The better visibility you have, the quicker and easier it is for you to take steps towards stopping brand abuse and email spoofing. DMARC Monitor provides the best, most complete visibility in the market.

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Identify fraudulent emails posing as you

Your organization and your brand are at risk until you reach DMARC enforcement, because without your domain being configured for email authentication at enforcement, an attacker can execute email attacks that appear to be coming from a sender within your organization.

When these attacks are directed inbound, at employees and executives, they render you vulnerable to spear-phishing, executive spoofing, business email compromise (BEC) and other social engineering tactics that can result in countless losses to your organization.

When they are directed outbound, at customers or partners, they spread disinformation and distrust — or even cause losses — that can damage your brand permanently.

DMARC Monitor gives you visibility into services that are mostly passing, partially passing, mostly failing, unidentified senders, and more — for both inbound and outbound email flows.

Let Max the Meerkat help you with visibility: Do a DMARC record check and an SPF check, and see your results immediately:

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Get comprehensive intelligence

Valimail DMARC Monitor provides visibility of all the global traffic being sent on behalf of your primary and subdomains, regardless of who it’s being sent to or where it’s sent from.

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Continuously monitor enforcement status

DMARC Monitor provides the most detailed views into the enforcement status of all sending domains, including which domains are passing and failing DMARC, aligned SPF and DKIM, and overall disposition.