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World-class monitoring to identify all services and
sending activity from your domains.

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How Monitor works

The risk-free visibility you need to prevent phishing attacks and rein in shadow IT.

Unmatched discovery of third-party sending services

Monitor instantly identifies thousands of sending services, making it easy to distinguish legitimate senders from bad actors, saving you the trouble of wading through IP addresses one by one.

Continuously monitor your enforcement status

Instantly find areas of vulnerability with detailed views into the enforcement status of all sending domains, including which domains are passing and failing DMARC, aligned SPF and DKIM, and overall disposition.

Global view of suspicious IPs sending as you

Gain direct access to view unidentified ISPs, open routers, unsecured hacked servers, and more to keep you in control of your domains.

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your domain today

Use our Domain Checker to reveal blindspots in your network and start your journey to Zero Trust email security.

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dawn of automated DMARC

Since pioneering automated DMARC in 2015, we’ve worked hard to ensure our
customers benefit from the highest quality of enforcement and security available.

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Start your path to DMARC enforcement with a panoramic view of the traffic being sent on your behalf.
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Phishing and BEC protection starts with your domain — verify your DMARC status with the Valimail Domain Checker.