Valimail stops phish — automatically. Guaranteed.

End attacks that get past your existing email security

The most dangerous and most ubiquitous phish contain no malware or malicious links — yet come from fraudulent senders. Current approaches to email security miss many of these phish, because they focus on what messages contain, not who sent them.

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How the finance industry is getting ripped off by fake emails

Business email compromise (BEC) and phishing attacks are a major issue for companies in financial services, ba...

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Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2019

Understand new threats and challenges. Secure rapid innovation. Prepare for emerging technologies. Prioritize ...
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Automated, authoritative, and PII compliant

Only Valimail stops both inbound and outbound phishing attacks using the revolutionary, authoritative Valimail Trust Layer™. Our patented technology ends identity deceptions in email for good, without AI/ML guesswork, false positives, and privacy violations — and Valimail provides absolute accuracy, automatically.

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Fully integrated with your existing SEG

Valimail fully integrates with popular secure email gateways such as those from Symantec, Microsoft, and Mimecast.

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Amplify your brand with increased deliverability

By using Valimail you get the added benefits of 10-40% email deliverability improvements as your email domain reputation increases, as well as GDPR compliance checks for the services sending email on your behalf.

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