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The #1 DMARC solution provider for Microsoft 365

Our technology complements your existing email infrastructure to prevent phishing attacks. Valimail is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite for easy, one-click setup.

And we’re FedRAMP authorized, GDPR compliant, SOC2 Type 2 certified, and Privacy Shield certified.

Find out today why more Microsoft customers use Valimail than any other DMARC provider.

How Valimail complements Microsoft 365

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Phishing attacks are becoming more evolved – How to eradicate them

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A unique approach to email security — with superior results

Valimail is a pioneering, identity-based, anti-phishing company. We deliver the only complete, cloud-native platform for validating and authenticating sender identity to stop phishing, protect and amplify brands, and ensure compliance.

Our zero-trust approach to email sender identity blocks phish other security systems miss. With the world’s largest and most reliable database of trusted senders, Valimail provides an unprecedented level of proven protection by allowing only trusted senders into the inbox. We stop fake emails — before they get to employees, partners, customers, or citizens.

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The visibility you need for today's phishing attacks

There’s been a sharp spike in coronavirus-themed phishing attacks, as scammers take advantage of worldwide uncertainty and anxiety. You need to know how your domain is being used — and abused. Get started with the leading DMARC visibility solution today. It takes 5 minutes to configure, and it’s free!

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We live in an era of relentlessly mutating email-based attacks

    • 91% of all cybersecurity attacks start with an email
    • 68% of all phishing emails have never been seen before
    • 12 minutes is the average length of a phishing campaign

What these attacks have in common is their used of fake sender identities. Only Valimail can provide reliable protection against these fraudulent emails, with a unique, zero-trust sender identity platform.

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Imagine a world in which you trust your email

Imagine a world where you can trust your email

When you can trust your email, you cut off phishing at the root. And you also get the benefits of brand protection, compliance, increased deliverability, and the ability to leverage cutting-edge email standards like BIMI, AMP, and Schema.org.

By using Valimail you will see 10-40% email deliverability improvements as your email domain reputation increases. And Valimail is the only solution to offer integrated control of BIMI and Microsoft Business Profiles in one easy dashboard.

How Valimail protects your brand
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Complete and fully automated protection

Valimail protects both inbound and outbound email to ensure your organization is phish free and that no good emails are blocked. You retain complete control via group-based policies, so all unverified senders are either flagged, moved to a separate folder, or completely blocked, at your preference.

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How Coronavirus scammers can send fake emails from the WHO — and from you

Vox Media’s news story explains how phishers exploiting Coronavirus anxieties can impersonate trusted domains so easily. This video includes a live demonstration by Valimail showing how easy it is to send a fake email from any domain that’s not protected by DMARC, along with an animated explanation of how DMARC works.

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