Valimail stops BEC + phish — automatically. Guaranteed.

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Email is having an identity crisis

Almost 90% of email attacks use fake sender identity. They contain no malware or malicious links but come from fraudulent senders. Current approaches to email security miss many of these phish. That’s because they focus on what messages contain, not who sent them.

Source: Barracuda

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The 10×10 promise for magnifying email effectiveness

For marketers, email deliverability and open rates are more than core metrics. They are critical components of...

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The BIMI breakdown: Everything you need to know to boost delivery and enhance your brand with BIMI

Email isn’t going away anytime soon, but the more it grows, the harder it becomes to maintain its efficiency. ...
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A sender identity solution for a world of email impersonation

Valimail’s robust approach to sender identity validation, authentication, and authorization ensures that fake senders don’t get into the inbox, stopping phishing and BEC attacks. So you can trust the emails in your inbox — and recipients can trust the messages you send.

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Protect your organization and amplify your brand with increased deliverability

By using Valimail you get the added benefits of 10-40% email deliverability improvements as your email domain reputation increases, and get your domain ready for new and upcoming enhancements to email including BIMI, AMP for Email, and Schema.

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Private, secure, and fully integrated with SEGs and IAMs

Integrated with popular secure email gateways such as those from Symantec, Microsoft, and Mimecast. Also integrated with all major Identity and Access Management systems (IAMs) such as Okta, OneLogin, Google, Oracle, etc. Valimail is FedRAMP authorized, GDPR compliant, SOC2 Type 2 certified, and Privacy Shield certified.

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