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Get full control and visibility into your email services. ValiMail is already trusted by leaders in their industries such as Uber, Yelp, and Fenwick & West. Here’s what they say »

Shield check
1-click authentication of email services

Easily control who can send email
using your domains.

Bulletproof SPF, DKIM, and DMARC setup

Email authentication that just works.

Timely feedback and alerts

See deliverability performance and get notification of possible attacks.

Email Dominates Your Ability to Reach Your Customers

Yet due to email-based attacks, consumer trust in email is at a low point.

91 percent 91 percent

Consumers check
email daily

66 percent 66 percent

Consumers buy online
due to email

45 percent 45 percent

Consumers are less likely
to buy from brands after an email attack

Email Is Under Attack

Open email

Phishing emails get opened


Companies attacked since January 2015

Dollar stack

Lost to business from email compromise since January 2015

ValiMail Is the Solution

Until recently, nothing could be done, but now you can stop it! The groundbreaking ValiMail Pro service automates email authentication, protecting brands, their employees, and consumers – all while improving email effectiveness.

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TaskUs Senior Director, Information Security, Gary Miller

ValiMail quickly and efficiently provided us with visibility and control of our email services – both legitimate and phish.

Wix CRISC/CICISO, VP Security, Kobi Lechner

Managing DMARC, SPF, and DKIM is now painless and error free thanks to ValiMail.

Uber Head of Information Technology Services, Chris Cravens

ValiMail quite simply solved our phishing, visibility, and control problems in a way we hadn’t been able to through other means.

Edmodo VP Engineering, Ambarish Malpani

Allowed me to manage my email more effectively, reducing emails sent by our company that are marked as spam while preventing phishing attacks.