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Phishing, spoofing, brand hijacking–they all damage your reputation. Whether you want DIY, customized solutions, or a service in between, trust Valimail, the global leader in DMARC protection



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Valimail is the number one DMARC solution for Microsoft 365. With clients ranging from SMB to large enterprises, we have a solution for you.

“Valimail Authenticate for Microsoft 365 makes the service-discovery component of DMARC incredibly simple, providing a fully automated visibility service, free of charge.”

Girish Chander

Partner Group Product Manager, Microsoft Defender at Microsoft.

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A unique approach to email authentication

From seamless onboarding to automated configurations, Authenticate’s guided workflows help you achieve DMARC enforcement on your own. Once you’re set, relax—you’ll be alerted if anything new comes up.


Guided, automated steps to enforcement

“Valimail gives us the peace of mind that comes with knowing our domains are protected and our deliverability rates are optimized — without any heavy lifting on our end.”

Edward Patterson

Senior Director of Operations at Uber

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Get DMARC done faster

Take quick, decisive action from your Authenticate dashboard while sender identification, configurations, and next steps are handled automatically.

Keep costs low

Manage DMARC enforcement automatically and cost-effectively, removing the need for consulting fees or valuable hours spent by your in-house team.


DMARC without compromise

Accelerate time-to-protection with all the right tools for the job. Authenticate gives you in-depth functionality to secure your domains, no matter your size or budget.

Sender Intelligence

Unrivaled Sender Intelligence

Accurately identify and configure more sending services than any other solution on the market using the industry’s largest email sending service database.

DMARC with confidence

Stop phishing and spoofing

Trust but verify

Lose the fear


DMARC is now recognized as the critical, proactive technology to protect against malicious actors. 53,000 companies added DMARC to their records in 2020, and Gartner placed DMARC in the top 10 projects to do in 2021.


Validate recommended configurations and investigate anomalous behavior with detailed analytics for all of your domains and services.


The completeness and simplicity of intelligent DMARC automation enables you to fearlessly move to enforcement with p=reject without blocking good email.

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