Get Google and Yahoo Compliant in a Matter of Days

Valimail Align is your fastest path to compliance with the latest sender authentication requirements.

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Easiest path to compliance

Effortlessly configure all your services using guided workflows, identifying issues and troubleshooting with a single click. 

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Speed to authentication

Tailored for marketers, our solution provides precisely what you need for swift guidance in minutes, not weeks.

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Confidence in delivery

Utilize our user-friendly interface to promptly address failures and attain unwavering compliance.

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Trusted partner

Leverage the industry’s most awarded and trusted solution for unmatched reliability tailored to your requirements.

Streamlined Compliance Reporting

Rapid assessment of your adherence status across all sending services to ensure your emails don’t get blocked.


Automated Configuration

Handsfree alignment of your SPF and DKIM, without any manual work for your IT team to manage DNS.

Intelligent Task List

Follow our straightforward instructions to promptly address any email authentication failures and get to full compliance.


Don’t risk blocked emails! Act now to safeguard email delivery before it’s too late.

Valimail Align is the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective solution to help you reach Gmail and Yahoo compliance before the deadlines. Unlock introductory pricing now to ease your transition to the new delivery requirements.

Sign up for Valimail Monitor to activate introductory pricing and upgrade to a tailored Valimail Align package that best fits your business needs.

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Gain confidence in email delivery

Valimail is your trusted partner in achieving ongoing compliance.

What are the new Google and Yahoo sender requirements? 

What is the purpose of these requirements?

When do these requirements take effect?

What happens if I don’t get compliant?

Can Align get me to DMARC enforcement?