Valimail Enforce™

Automated DMARC to stop phishing of employees, customers, and partners

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Valimail Enforce benefits:

  • One-click integration with Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite
  • Automatically identifies all new and existing sending services, both cloud-based and on-premise
  • Guaranteed DMARC enforcement in minimal time with minimal resources
  • Point-and-click authentication to authorize services
  • Patented SPF technology to allow unlimited authorized senders – without macros or IP address “flattening”
  • Reduced risk of false positives (good emails don’t get blocked)
  • Unique Microsoft partnership provides visibility into email-sending services, such as payroll, used by Microsoft Office 365 organizations to send messages to their own employees
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Enforcement that you can see

Comprehensive intelligence

Enforce provides visibility to the global email traffic originating from your domains — including legitimate email as well as suspicious and malicious sources.

Enforce platform: emails processed

Detailed visibility

Detailed views into the enforcement status of all sending domains, including which domains are passing and failing DMARC, and their SPF and DKIM status and overall email disposition.

Valimail Enforce: Visibility into sending services

Visibility into sending services

In order to lock down your organization’s domains, IT departments must first identify who is sending email on your behalf.

With Enforce, IT teams get visibility into all email-sending services, grouping them into four easy-to-understand buckets: mostly passing, partially passing, mostly failing, and unidentified senders. This makes it easy for you to identify all senders, authorizing legitimate senders and blocking all the rest.

"Valimail Enforce™ just works — and the support is excellent. That’s all you can ask for."

Dominic Martinelli,
Vice President of Customer and Technical Operations, Glu
Stop the domino effect

Domain protection with guaranteed enforcement

Valimail Enforce offers the industry-leading solution to lock down corporate-owned domains from unauthorized use. As the inventor of automated DMARC, Enforce is the only solution guaranteed to get you to enforcement — fast. Not only does Enforce find the obvious cloud services that send email on your behalf (Salesforce, Marketo, etc.), it finds the needles in the haystack as well. Even if one server sends only one email per month, Enforce will find it for you — automatically.

With our zero-trust approach, all unknown sending services, servers and IP addresses are considered untrusted unless explicitly granted access to send on your behalf. Once you configure Enforce (a one-time, five-minute DNS update), authenticating services is as simple as a few clicks. With Enforce, you can manage SPF records, add DKIM keys, enable new senders, and select a DMARC policy with unrivaled speed. You’ll never need to touch DNS for email authentication updates again.

Glowing Light Bulb

Next-gen automation

Non-automated solutions offer a combination of reporting and consulting, but leave the onus on you to perform the actual work of identifying services and whitelisting them through DNS updates. This leaves you in a never-ending process of manual DNS updates, trying to overcome standards limitations, waiting for vendors, trying to map IP addresses listed in DMARC reports to sending services, and managing changes.

Enforce gets organizations to DMARC enforcement in less time and with less internal resources, making it the solution with the lowest total cost of ownership.

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