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Up to 10% boost in email deliverability after successfully getting to DMARC enforcement.

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One-click authorization for up to 100% of services within your ecosystem.

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Access to unlimited SPF lookups so you never risk blocking  good email.

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Confidence in continuous DMARC protection with auto-configuration and updates.

Free Visibility for Everyone

We unlocked the full capability of our domain visibility layer so every business can afford the chance to experience the power of DMARC. No trial offers or obligations.

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Unlock DMARC automation

Valimail makes it easy to secure your domains at scale by automating DMARC so you can get back to business. Up to $400k in FTE expenses saved annually.

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Precision Sender Intelligence

One-click authorization of pre-configured sending services in your ecosystem. Identify up to 99% of your sending services instantly.

Privacy-safe RUF+

The most secure way to get real-time email insights to discover sending service owners and diagnose failing services.

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Discover how Valimail’s high-performance engine eliminates DNS management and operates at scale to authenticate billions of emails per day.


What is DMARC and why do we need it?

DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) is a widely used email authentication policy and reporting system that makes sure that only authorized senders can send email using your domain. DMARC addresses shortcomings in the earlier email authentication protocols SPF and DKIM.

DMARC increases email deliverability, because without authentication, spammers can use an organization’s domain to send malicious emails, damaging the domain’s reputation with spam filters and reducing email deliverability. DMARC will prohibit spammers from “free riding” your protected domains, boosting your brand’s reputation. Valimail’s customers typically find the deliverability rates of their marketing messages increase by 10% or more after implementing DMARC.

How Does DMARC Work?

Sending domains need a DMARC record to be stored as text records in the DNS (Domain Name System), and the receiving server needs to check for that record and determine if it’s an authorized sender.

What does it mean to be at DMARC enforcement?

When your domain is configured for DMARC and set to an enforcement policy, email recipients will reject (block from delivery) or quarantine (move to a spam folder) any messages from senders not authorized by your enforcement policy.

The three policies that can be set in a DMARC record are p=none, p=quarantine, or p=reject. A none policy indicates no action will be taken on unauthenticated email messages. But, if the DMARC record includes a reporting address, the domain owner can use the data returned from email receivers to understand who is sending emails out using that domain.

How long does it take to get to enforcement?

Traditionally, it’s been notoriously challenging to get to enforcement. Even those who work with consultants or other vendors take up to 12 months to achieve enforcement with a success rate of <40%. With Valimail, you can reach highly accurate and continuous protection in <180 days.