Trust Your Email

Only Valimail’s IDEA platform delivers comprehensive anti-impersonation defense, brand protection, and regulatory compliance through our pioneering Trust Layer™.

We do it with fully automated, standards-based email authentication combined with inbound email authorization. The result: You are fully protected from impersonators and fraudsters.

For global brand protection and authentication, Valimail Enforce™ stops the unauthorized use of your emailing domain to protect your executives, brand, and partners — by anyone in the world. Enforce is fully automated, FedRAMP-authorized, and guaranteed.

To stop inbound phishing attacks using deceptive domains and display names, Valimail Defend™ protects your enterprise with a revolutionary, authoritative, identity-focused Trust Layer. Only trusted senders are allowed into your inbox, providing definitive authorization — without PII exposure, false positives, or endless maintenance.  

Across its product line, Valimail requires minimal effort to implement and an average of 0.2 FTEs to maintain — and we guarantee results. Valimail really works.

Valimail is a fully certified Microsoft and Symantec partner and integrates easily with existing SEGs, creating a highly effective layered security system to keep the bad guys out.

Anti-Phishing Defense

Impersonation attacks are the most lethal phishing attacks because they are the easiest to carry out, hardest to detect, and can cause the most damage

Email authentication is the only way to stop exact-domain impersonation attacks, but can be difficult to implement correctly — even the smallest mistake leaves your domain open to attack or prevent legitimate email from being received. Valimail is the only fully automated authentication solution in the marketplace. With Valimail, you can be sure that only authorized emails make it to the inbox and phishing attempts against your brand are eliminated.

Brand Protection

Protect your email domain. Protect your brand.

When your organization’s email domain gets spoofed by hackers and abused in phishing attacks on consumers, your brand takes a direct hit. Protect your domains with Valimail’s automated DMARC enforcement, so only legitimate senders can send email as your brand. Once Valimail locks down your email domains, your deliverability rates significantly improve, and your reputation stays intact.

Regulatory Compliance

Get compliant with security regulations and best practices. Lock down your email ecosystem.

Over 90 percent of security breaches start through emails and over 60% of them are impersonation attacks. Therefore, many standards bodies and governments have issued guidelines and mandates aimed at curtailing these threats. Regulations including GDPR, DHS Binding Operational Directive 18-01 (BOD 18-01), and HIPAA often require email authentication through DMARC at enforcement, while the FTC and FS-ISAC recommend it. Automated email authentication is a giant leap towards compliance. Valimail guarantees you get there effectively and with minimum effort.