The Valimail platform: Zero-trust email security

Valimail’s zero trust approach to sender identity is the only solution that reliably stops phishing threats at the source to secure your inboxes and amplify your brand.

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Valimail benefits:

  • Stops phish
  • Full visibility into your email ecosystem
  • Protects your employees and brand
  • Locks down email compliance
Focus on “who” sent the email

A groundbreaking paradigm: validate and authenticate sender identity

Valimail’s zero-trust sender identity platform stops modern phishing attacks, which get through AI/ML and traditional email security defenses, to protect your inbox and brand. Valimail’s platform focuses on the primary signal of 89% of all phishing attacks: sender identity. Valimail’s zero-trust approach means that untrusted senders are blocked by default. Only emails from trusted senders get delivered to employee inboxes and only authenticated senders can send on behalf of the company brand.

This patented unique approach makes Valimail the only platform that automatically stops threats at the source to secure inboxes, amplify your brand, and ensure compliance.

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