The Valimail platform

The most effective DMARC solution to eliminate domain spoofing and phishing, prevent data leaks and financial loss while improving email security and deliverability

Best-of-breed DMARC visibility
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Automated protection against domain spoofing and phishing
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Advanced protection and support for complex environments
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Trust your email

Valimail benefits:

  • Eliminates domain spoofing and phishing 
  • Prevents data leaks and financial loss
  • Protects your employees and brand
  • Improves email security and deliverability
Focus on “who” sent the email

A modern approach to DMARC

Valimail’s zero-trust approach stops modern phishing attacks, which get through traditional email security defenses.. Valimail focuses on the primary origin point of 89% of all modern phishing attacks: sender identity. Our zero-trust approach means that untrusted senders are blocked by default. Only emails from verified trusted senders get delivered and only authenticated senders can send on behalf of your organization and brand.

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