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TechBytes with Alexander García-Tobar, CEO and Co-Founder, Valimail

MarTechSeries interviewed Valimail’s CEO and co-founder, Alexander Garcia-Tobar, about the latest trends in email security, anti-phishing protection, and more.

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Interview: Seth Blank, Technical Committee Co-Chair, M3AAWG

Dan Raywood interviews Seth Blank, Valimail’s VP of Standards and New Technologies and M3AAWG’s technical committee co-chair, about DMARC and email authentication.

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For Biden or business CISOs, fake hack-and-leak operations are tough to battle

Joe Uchill quotes Valimail’s Seth Blank on DKIM: “It would ideally be paired with DMARC, a standard to make sure the email address in the ‘from’ line isn’t being spoofed.”

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Security Gaps Persist, Report Warns, After U.S. Blames Iran In Election Scheme

“Government agencies and political actors across the country remain vulnerable to a spoof email scam like the one blamed on Iran by the U.S. spy boss, cyber-analysts said.” Philip Ewing quotes Valimail’s research report in this article for NPR.

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