Valimail Named Winner of Global InfoSec Awards During RSA Conference 2024

Valimail CEO and Co-Founder, Alexander García-Tobar, Named Editor’s Choice Chief Executive Officer, and Valimail Wins Best Product Anti-phishing and Publisher’s Choice Email Security and Management Awards

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (May 6, 2024) – Valimail, the leading provider of email authentication and anti-impersonation solutions, announced today it has been named a winner of the coveted Global InfoSec Awards across three categories – Valimail CEO and Co-Founder Alexander García-Tobar, was named Editor’s Choice Chief Executive Officer, and Valimail Won Best Product Anti-phishing and Publisher’s Choice Email Security and Management. The awards, now in its 12th year, were presented by Cyber Defense Magazine during the RSA Conference 2024. 

Alexander García-Tobar was named Editor’s Choice Chief Executive Officer for his exceptional leadership and contributions in advancing email authentication and security globally. Valimail won both the “Publisher’s Choice Email Security and Management” and “Best Product Anti-phishing” awards due to the extensive capabilities and benefits provided by its suite of patented solutions: Valimail Monitor, Valimail Enforce, and Valimail Amplify:

  • Valimail Monitor, the most broadly used DMARC monitoring service in the world, used by 44,000 companies globally, offers a hassle-free monitoring solution that identifies all email-sending services by name, not just by IP address, which simplifies the process of DMARC report analysis. It expedites service configuration and DMARC implementation, thus taking a significant step toward preventing phishing attacks. The global visibility into all senders within a domain and control over non-authorized cloud services are critical advantages in securing email communication channels.
  • Valimail Enforce accelerates the journey to DMARC enforcement through patented automation, eliminating the need for manual SPF and DKIM configuration. This not only saves substantial amounts of time and money (up to $400k in FTE expenses annually) but also increases email deliverability by up to 10%. The one-click authorization for services and the assurance of continuous DMARC protection without the need to touch DNS settings make it a powerful solution for businesses to maintain high standards of email security.
  • Valimail Amplify focuses on automating BIMI and similar brand management systems, which is revolutionary in managing brand consistency at scale. It offers a fast-track BIMI process for organizations and partners with leading certificate authorities for the management of Verified Mark Certificates. The increase in email open rates by 10% on average and the ability to control brand logo display are significant for brand visibility and trust.

“Together, these patented solutions offer the industry’s most powerful and comprehensive approach to ensuring email authentication, from identifying and authorizing senders to enforcing DMARC and leveraging branding for enhanced trust in email communication,” said Alexander García-Tobar, CEO and Co-Founder, Valimail. “We take our role as leaders in the email authentication and security space seriously. From founding the working group developing BIMI to DMARC Chair at the IETF, we are focused on extending and developing the next generation of security standards for everyone.” 

García-Tobar continued, “I am deeply honored to have been recognized as the ‘Editor’s Choice Chief Executive Officer’ by Cyber Defense Magazine and its Global InfoSec Awards, one of the most prestigious and coveted cybersecurity awards in the world. No leader stands alone, and our amazing team here deserve most of the credit.”

“We scoured the globe looking for cybersecurity innovators that could make a huge difference and potentially help turn the tide against the exponential growth in cyber-crime.  Valimail is absolutely worthy of these coveted awards and consideration for deployment in your environment,” said Yan Ross, Global Editor of Cyber Defense Magazine.

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About Valimail

Valimail is the global leader in Zero Trust email authentication and invented hosted DMARC in 2015 and DMARC-as-a-service in 2021. In use by 42,000 companies globally, the company’s full line of cloud-native solutions authenticate sender identity to stop phishing, protect brands, and ensure compliance. From neighborhood shops to the world’s largest brands, many organizations use these solutions to secure their emails. Valimail holds the most robust portfolio of 20 patents that unlock DMARC for businesses at scale and is the only DMARC solution to earn FedRAMP certification. Valimail employees Chair and co-Chair many critical ecosystem bodies, such as the IETF DMARC Working Group, and the AuthIndcators Working Group developing BIMI. The premier DMARC partner for Microsoft 365 environments, Valimail also holds leadership positions on every key industry standards body, driving today’s email authentication policies and tomorrow’s cybersecurity advancements for everyone. For more information, please visit

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