Valimail Amplify™

Strengthen your brand

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Valimail Amplify benefits:

  • Control over the images and information displayed adjacent to your email messages in customer inboxes on Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Office 365, and Gmail email clients
  • Millions to billions of new brand impressions for email campaigns
  • Significant increase in email campaign open rates
  • Control over how your brand logo is displayed globally
  • Scalable, secure, and standards-based global infrastructure
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Brand value that you can see

Single pane of glass
Manage all BIMI records and logos from one unified dashboard in a matter of minutes.

Automated BIMI solution
Scalable for enterprises with multiple brand entities and domains. After a one-click configuration, all records managed on your behalf (No manual DNS updates).

Brand impressions delivered at scale
Before and after implementing BIMI

Brand amplification

Drive new brand impressions, increase email open rates, reinforce customer trust, and control brand consistency at scale.

Deliver marketing ROI

See tangible ROI upon completing the enforcement journey. Initial trials have shown a 10% increase in deliverability plus a 10% increase in open rates.

Rich inbox experience

More cohesive brand identity enhances customer experience and visual differentiation drives engagement.

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Control your email marketing identity

Valimail Amplify automates BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification) as well as Microsoft Business Profile, offering enterprises the ability to manage their email brand at scale. Using a simple, secure interface, companies using Amplify can take control over the images and information displayed adjacent to their email messages in customer inboxes on Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft Office 365, and Gmail/G Suite.

Valimail is proud to provide early trial access to Yahoo! Mail properties, Microsoft Business Profiles, and Google’s BIMI pilot.

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BIMI benefits with DMARC authentication

The benefits of strong sender identity validation and monitoring also provide a great deal of brand assurance for organizations. When organizations deploy DMARC at enforcement (to reject or quarantine fraudulent emails), which is a prerequisite for using BIMI, they’re ensuring that attackers can’t use their domain or brand in outgoing messages to customers and partners or inbound messages to employees.

These checks provide a huge boost to marketers, as DMARC protection increases email deliverability. And extending amplification capabilities using Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) or Microsoft Business Profiles to tie corporate logos to company email helps even further by spurring better open rates. Initial trials have shown that BIMI logos increase open rates by 10% on average.

Working for a more sequre internet experience

Getting to DMARC enforcement is a requirement before setting up BIMI. Schedule a domain analysis to see:

  • Malicious senders using your domain to spoof employees, customers and partners
  • Visibility into all third-party senders using your domain, including legitimate but not-yet-authorized senders (Shadow IT)
  • …and more
Interested in participating in an upcoming BIMI pilot? It all starts with enforcement. Get your complimentary domain analysis now.