Google & Yahoo Requirements

Comply with Google and Yahoo’s
evolving delivery standards

Have confidence that your email services are compliant with email sender requirements, and use our automation platform to seamlessly align SPF and DKIM, providing uninterrupted email delivery without having to reach DMARC enforcement.

2x more successful

Valimail Enforce customers accomplish nearly twice the rate of DMARC enforcement

4x faster

Valimail Enforce customers can typically onboard and begin protecting their brand, domains, employees, and customers in a matter of weeks

Market Leader

Valimail is the G2 Market Leader and has been for the last two years

No more detours to spam

Valimail can help you comply with the latest sender authentication requirements 
from Google and Yahoo in a matter of days.

Valimail Align 

  • Rapid assessment of your adherence status across all sending services to ensure your emails don’t end up being blocked
  • Use guided workflows to authorize all your senders with a single click
  • Eliminate manual decoding of DMARC reports, IP address lookups, and DNS change management
Valimail Align empowers IT and marketers to seamlessly navigate Gmail’s policies while eliminating the complexities of DNS management. Committed to simplification, Align serves those seeking compliance with the new delivery standards without requiring the journey to enforcement.
Scott Ziegler
VP of Product at Valimail

Valimail Monitor

  • Free visibility into DMARC alignment and the effectiveness of your email authentication
  • Understand the threats and risks your domains face
Adding Valimail to our suite of monitoring tools directly increased our email deliverability. We were no longer lacking data as to how our email configuration was being received by those we send to. It was easy to implement and customer support was extremely responsive.
Tom Thomas

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