G2 Spring 2024: Valimail Is the Leader in DMARC Software

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We’re starting the year strong by maintaining our spot as the #1 Leader in G2’s DMARC software category. G2 has released its Spring 2024 report, and Valimail appeared on 69 reports, earning 16 unique badges. 

Valimail remains a leader in G2’s DMARC category, and we’re still the #1 Momentum and Grid Leader for the space.

Learn more about how Valimail continues to disrupt the DMARC industry, according to G2’s recent report.

What Is G2’s Report? 

G2 is a popular software marketplace where customers find new software. They can read and write reviews, and then G2 utilizes the data and publishes a summarized report every quarter. G2 considers reviews, measuring, tracking, and company ranking when generating these reports. 

Valimail has been included in G2’s DMARC category. To be included in this category, DMARC companies need to meet these requirements: 

  • Have knowledge of SPF and DKIM updated alignment standards
  • Scan email accounts for DMARC compliance
  • Assist with sending source configuration for DMARC-compliant sending
  • Offer support to block fraudulent emails from being sent from an unregistered domain name

Valimail meets these requirements and is eligible to win awards in G2’s DMARC category.

Valimail Awards and Badges

Our recognition for continuously being a leader in the DMARC space demonstrates our commitment to providing high-quality DMARC services. As a testament to this, we’ve been recognized by G2 with these badges: 

Find all of the other badges we’ve earned on G2’s site under the G2 Spring 2024 report.

Customer Reviews

We’ve maintained our 4.5/5 stars status out of 253 reviews. These reviews reflect our commitment to providing excellent software and customer service. 

Here are a few of the reviews we’ve received this last quarter: 

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“Adding Valimail to our suite of monitoring tools directly increased our email deliverability. We were no longer lacking data as to how our email configuration was being received by those we send to. Huge win for us! It was easyy to implmement, customer support was extremely responsive when we had questions, and it was exactly what we needed for ease of use when we needed it most.”

Tom Thomas, Founder & CEO at Votegrity

“Valimail is a user-friendly and effective tool that helped me implement DMARC on 8 domains with approximately 200 sending services, enhancing our organizations ‘ email security and reputation. The most valuable part about Valimail is identifying senders and sending IP addresses, which I can then cross-reference with mail logs to find sender information.”

Kirk Francis, Enterprise in Higher Education 
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Get DMARC Compliant 

With new email sender requirements on the horizon, finding a DMARC provider to work with is important if you want to ensure your email gets delivered. While you can implement a DMARC policy on your own and align your SPF and DKIM, it can be challenging if you are unsure of what you’re doing. 

When you choose Valimail, you are trusting your email with the DMARC experts. 

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