Welcome to Valimail

Valimail is the global leader in zero-trust email solutions, inventing hosted DMARC in 2015 and introducing DMARC as a Service in 2021.

Our Culture

At Valimail, we pursue excellence in everything we do. We deliberately cultivate an environment that values our people in all their diversity and breeds industry-leading creativity. As a completely remote organization, we are able to find and encourage talent wherever it may be.

Deliberate diversity

Research is clear: teams representing a variety of experiences, abilities, and perspectives achieve more.

The good fight

We insist on integrity, honesty, and authenticity in every interaction. We show up courageously to do what is right and necessary, not what is easy.

People first

We recognize we are more than what we do—we are people first, with families, interests, concerns, and passions outside work.

Purposeful agility

We are perpetual learners. We believe we can make the impossible possible, boldly transforming hope into action and human ideals into innovative technology.


Valimail embraces diversity, both personally and professionally. Our leaders come from a variety of backgrounds and bring decades of experience, differing perspectives, and a keen appetite for change and innovation.

Executive team


Awards and Patents

Valimail invented hosted DMARC in 2015 and introduced DMARC as a Service in 2021. Our solutions are covered by a robust patent portfolio that is the envy of the industry.

“Our Mission by our CEO Alexander Garcia-Tobar”